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Chem Class

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Thanks for the encouraging comments! There's more to cum, uh... come.


When I was in high school, I had to take a science class, and I chose Chemistry. I figured it would be the best of the lot, as it didn't involve dissection (Biology), and it didn't involve difficult mathematics (Physics). What I didn't count on was how dry and boring it would seem to me. Day after day, isotopes, protons, elements...zzzzz. But I had to stay awake in order to pass the class, as I struggled with many of the concepts. However, I eventually found a way to pass the time.

My teacher, Mr. Rondy, was a short, portly, middle-aged man with sparse, slicked-back hair and thick glasses. He was not a particularly dynamic or showy teacher, and most of his lessons were delivered whilst seated upon a high stool behind his demonstration table. Thankfully, he rarely arose from his perch to write notes on the chalkboard behind him, because his writing was so atrocious as to be unreadable. When he did stand up, I would immediately worry for his health, as some huffing and panting would inevitably follow!

Sometime around October of the school year, I inexplicably found myself staying for a few minutes after class to ask some kind of silly question. Several of the smarter boys would stay back also, so that they could have discussions amongst themselves and impress Mr. Rondy with their knowledge of chemical processes and so on. I would stand there at the demonstration table with my messy binder overflowing with papers and wait for my turn. Eventually, one of the smart students would notice an interloper among them and slowly turn around to look down upon me from his lofty position of scientific understanding. As though on cue, the rest of the group would become silent and swivel around to stare disdainfully, and finally Mr. Rondy would smile and ask what I needed.

'Oh, ummmmm, so I was reading about alchemists and I came across something about gold and.... uhhhh.... lead. Is it possible? Like... to turn lead into gold, I mean?' I stuttered on one occasion. The boys snickered and looked to Mr. Rondy for support.

Mr. Rondy smiled patronisingly, perhaps certain that I was not serious, and answered, 'No, it's not possible. They are completely different elements.' Several boys now laughed outright, perhaps goaded by the redness of my face, or Mr. Rondy's answer. I fled the class, determined never to make a fool of myself again.

Yet I did, on many occasions, and it was not until later on in the term that I realized the true reason I was staying behind.

During a particularly boring class, my mind wandered to sex. I was still a virgin at 15 years old, but I wanted it bad! I could not convince any of my boyfriends to 'pop my cherry' because they didn't want me getting permanently attached to them emotionally. I looked around the room for a guy to fantasize about, but the arrogant boys in my class weren't suitable to me. Of course, my gaze eventually settled on... Mr. Rondy. He was smiling as he explained some minute fact about something, and I couldn't help but wonder what he was packing underneath his lab coat.

I started to feel a warm tingling rush in my pussy as I thought about the forbidden fruit. I imagined...

(Staying after class one day to ask a question, but this time my question would be intelligent and thought-provoking. Mr. Rondy would smile approvingly, mixed with a bit of shock, as he addressed my inquiry. The arrogant boys would peel away, their sport less interesting now, as Mr. Rondy and I excitedly discussed my topic.

Several minutes would pass, and finally he would need to come around the table to show me something more closely. As he comes around, I notice a bulge in the front of his lab coat. I am a shy girl, so I wouldn't say anything, but my eyes would be glued to the spot while my cheeks got hot and a stream of juice dripped out of my pussy...)

In reality, my panties were getting wetter and wetter as I imagined this. I wore silky white panties that were not absorbent, so my juice would collect in a puddle in the middle of the crotch. Mid-fantasy, I sat upright in my seat, suddenly self-conscious, but nobody noticed me. Mr. Rondy droned on. However, when I sat up, my pussy lips slid around in my panties, spreading the wetness all around. This turned me on even more, and I could feel the slipperiness from my clit all of the way up between my asscheeks. I couldn't help but move slightly in my seat to give myself another jolt of sensation. My mind wandered...

(Mr. Rondy looked down at the front of his labcoat, embarrassed, and turned around quickly. I could see from behind that he reached into his labcoat to adjust himself in his pants. He muttered something about being sorry, but that Chemistry excited him. I told him I didn't mind, and that it got me excited too.

'Really?' He asked me quizzically, looking straight into my eyes.

'No, actually, it's YOU that gets me excited.' I answered frankly, looking down at the floor with a bit of shame. After a slight pause, he walked over to me and kissed me straight on the lips. I could taste cigarettes and sweat, somehow. His tongue found its way between my lips, and I gasped as his tongue sent hot signals from my mouth to my pussy. My knees felt weak, so I leaned back against the table. He pressed his body into mine as we kept kissing, and he put a hand on the side of my hip...)

Back in reality, I felt so horny I could hardly control myself. My throat was dry and my heart beat faster and faster. My clit ached to be rubbed. I stood up from my desk and started for the door. My vision was a little fuzzy from lust and urgency. I was worried that my juices had soaked right through my pants, so I rushed hurriedly to the door. My legs almost gave out under me, and my stomach started to feel ill with desire. I mumbled something about going to the washroom and charged out of the class.

Once in the hallway, I tore down the hall to the girls' washroom. I pushed open the door and saw, to my relief, that nobody was in there. Because it was the middle of the class period the washroom was empty. I chose a stall and locked the door. I reached for my pants zipper and pulled it down, with difficulty, as my fingers were hardly working. Finally, I yanked down my pants and panties. The juice from my underwear made a trail down my leg from my pussy to my underwear around my ankles, and looking at it was a big turn-on. I sat down on the edge of the toilet and slid my fingers between my swollen pussy lips. I played in the wetness for a moment, then brought my fingers back up to my clit. Pressing down on the hood, I rubbed in circles with my first three fingers and closed my eyes to think about...

(Mr Rondy ground his crotch into my stomach, then put a hand between us. His hand moved down and touched the front of my scorching hot crotch. He moved his hand between my legs and I couldn't help but moan into his mouth while we kissed. Without any warning, he released my lips from his while he unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. He lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the table, then opened a couple of the buttons on his coat. He unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out his hard cock. It poked out proudly through the openings in his underwear, pants and labcoat, and the sight of it made me even hornier. It was thick and chubby-looking, but not too long, which suited me perfectly.

He held his cock in his right hand and started to jack off while he spread my pussy lips with his fingers. His face was red and his breathing was heavy and laboured. With a single thrust, he pushed two fingers all of the way into my wet pussy. It hurt, but I relished the pain. I arched my back as he thrust again and again, faster and faster...)

In my washroom stall, my fingers circled faster and faster. I could feel my face and chest getting hot. I ground my hips into my hand as it started to feel better and better. My left hand went up my shirt and lifted my bra so that the palm of my hand could press and rub my tiny tits. My nipples got hard and I couldn't stand it any longer...

(Mr. Rondy slammed his fingers into me a few more times and then I could feel his body shuddering, he came spurting his semen into the air. The sensation was so amazing that it pushed me over the edge into orgasm...)

My body shook, and my feet shot right out of the stall as my legs straightened uncontrollably. My back arched and I could feel my pussy tighten into orgasmic contractions. I threw my head back and moaned out loud, not caring if anyone in the hall could hear me. My body shivered and finally, waves of relaxation and release poured through me.

I wiped up all of the pussy juice that had dripped on the toilet seat, I got cleaned up and went back to class. I was only gone about five minutes!

(Mr. Rondy-thanks for the fantasies)!



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