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Cheerleading 'Practice'

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Silly title aside, this is one of my more memorable times during the latter part of my high school years, before meeting my boyfriend (eventually husband).

During high school I was rather athletic, but I also took dance classes when I was younger and I was very well into dance and choreography. Eventually I became more interested in choreography than just dancing to someone elses moves.

I was doing cheerleading throughout high school though in senior year I was more into organizing choreography and such for the cheerleaders. I decided to focus more on that and the coach let me take over that position.

I eventually gained a reputation as one of the best choreographers in the region. I also entered dance competitions both through school and outside of school. The cheerleaders at school were starting to win more competitions than before, so it wasn't unusual for people to come up to me for advice on their move sets for cheerleading and dance recitals. Though I never gave away what my team was doing, I just helped them improve how they could do their current moves.

One day one of my close friends, who went to another school, asked if I could help a couple of her team mates out and do some practice with some of the moves they are having difficulty with. Though once we had left the school grounds she told me what her team mates were really after. They were both lesbians. Attitudes toward lesbianism and homosexuality were more conservative, compared to today. My friend knew I was bisexual and she was hoping that I would join them as they were after third person for a three-way.

Being young and inexperienced it was more touchy-feely type of three way, but I didn't mind. As it was late afternoon and we had finished practice anyway, I was just hanging around talking to a few friends and team mates, I decided to take her up on the offer. She drove me over to their house. They lived away from home in a shared house with my friend. I was greeted by two beautiful girls in their outfits, which were mostly white tops, skirts, gloves and boots with red accents and were holding those twirling batons that they parade with bands and throw up in the air and catch.

Turns out they were part band leaders and cheerleaders or something, I never really took much note of what they did, as I was at that point, more interested in what they were going to do, over what they do.

Blondie and Brunette were almost identical in their looks, but they were assuredly not related. Blondie had a slimmer physique and the way she held herself made it obvious that she also danced while Brunette was in shape too, but more rounder at the hips than Blondie and had much bigger boobs. Blondie was about a B-cup while Brunette was more of a D-cup. I took off my t-shirt and bra and just let my own breasts 'hang about', I was taller than both of them, Blondie was only slightly shorter than me while Brunette was about 3-4 inches shorter. Blondie looked at my breasts, which, much like Brunette, were considerably larger than hers. I was I think in double D territory at that stage, maybe just D, I forget. But instead of feeling like the odd one out she lead me to the bed and got me to lie down on my back and started fondling with my breasts and somewhat sitting on my stomach, while in her full gear, minus panties. Her soft body and vagina against my stomach were a different sensation, she was also very wet as well. I'm starting to enjoy these cheerleading gloves (which were somewhat squared at the ends of the fingers) that I grab one of her hands and put it to my face, while her other one continues on the breast it is on.

I start sucking on one of her gloved fingers, which tasted somewhat funny, but the texture of the glove on my tongue was actually arousing me.

So i'm sucking Blondie's right gloved index finger, while she is groping my breasts alternately and somewhat grinding on my stomach. I hear moaning noises from Brunette, though I can't see her right away, but I was guessing she was masturbating. I saw a full length mirror and I can see her reflection on it and she is sitting in a chair with her legs up and spread and fingering herself while watching us and she too was still in all of her gear, minus the boots.

I felt another glove touch around my vagina. I looked back and saw the Brunette had moved to the bed and she is now fingering me. At this point I'm just sucking Blondie's right gloved hand. I hear Brunette moaning again and then I start to moan as she gets more aggressive while her fingering of me.

Blondie gets off me but moves into such a position that I still have her hand and she begins fingering herself and now I can fully see Brunette's hand just going like crazy on my pussy as she gets faster and faster.

I let go of Blondie's hand and just focus on Brunette and her actions. She soon stops moaning, but I continue as she now tries and plays around the outside of my pussy and near my buttocks to which I discover that while sexually aroused if I get touched or tickled on the butt cheeks or somewhat in the crack I go crazy, so now Brunette is having half her hand in my pussy while every now and then tickling my buttocks.

After only a short moment, Blondie rolls me over onto my stomach and just starts tickling my buttocks like crazy while Brunette just focuses on fingering my pussy with about the same intensity. I'm now writhing around in ecstasy and somewhat in laughter too, as I love it so much. Blondie sits on my back and just continues more furiously on my buttocks.

After a while it just becomes all a daze, my pussy being fingered like crazy and my buttocks being tickled just as much I start to black out, not before one massive orgasm and a moan to match I then pass out for a few moments.

I'm awakened by slaps on my buttocks. Not quite the slapping of skin on skin would make, but as fabric (glove) on skin would. Blondie and Brunette are now alternately slapping my butt cheeks on their respective sides they are standing. They are masturbating with their free hand and they're wearing nothing but one glove, the one that is on the hand that's slapping me.

The constant slapping is making me aroused again, so I got off the bed. Blondie and Brunette have now started taking it upon themselves to work on each other, making out like crazy.

I saw some rubber gloves over by the sink, so I put them on and grab Brunette and have her butt facing me standing up while she fingers Blondie. I start slapping her across the buttocks. Blondie wants in on the action so now i'm alternately slapping their buttocks, Blondie with my left and Brunette with my right. The rubber glove gives a better slapping sound than the cloth ones do.

I turn them both around and I put one finger up each of them, giving them a rather vigorous fingering. I soon then find both of their clitoris' and focus on just that. after about a minute and oddly at the same time they both orgasm and fall back onto the bed.

After that I can't remember too much as not much specific happened but it mostly involved watching each other masturbate while masturbating ourselves and showing each other our own technique, to which I discovered that they were both quite flexible.



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