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Cheerleader Turn On

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When I was the age of 14, jacking -off was but a word, hard-ons and wet dreams being the norm for me. I also had two older sisters; ages 17(jr.) & 18 (sr.) that were both high school cheerleaders, and were HOTTIES. By the way, neither of which knew about the following, as it was occuring.
Cheerleading squads are pretty close knit group, and our house was usually filled w/ squad members after school, practices, games, etc. Most of which was in a state of near nakedness, wandering around the house. Needless to say I stayed in a constant state of hardness at that age. Mostly I relegated myself to the basement den area.
One of the senior (18y.o.) girls was always friendly toward the 'lil brother', but one nite I knew why, because she inadvertently discovered that I did in fact have a 8 1/2 inch cock, when one night she decide to watch t.v. in the basement with me in her VERY thin teddy, which did get the head of my cock peeking out of the bottom of my gym shorts sleep wear. She asked bout girls, etc. of which I had none, acting surprised when she noticed my now bulging cockhead. She then asked if it hurt, and began rubbing the head with her finger and easing my shorts down and off. She then had me lay down on the floor with it sticking straight up, as she slooooowly circled my now throbbing head.. Soon she had the pre-cum flowing as she continued to massage just the head and talking to me. Well I didn't know what the hell was going on..She kept reassuring me that 'it was okay', she would take care of it. 'Don't worry.' When her hand was covered in pre-cum, as well as my shaft--she began to stroke me, very slowly-the whole 8 1/2 inches..asking if 'it felt good,' 'did I like it'-all I could say was to groan.
Then I began to feel something way down in the pit of my stomach I had never felt before,and for the first time..As she stroked my now oozing cock, alternating fast and slow, and talking to me all the time--I felt my hips leaving the floor in an attempt to hump her stroking hand..She sensed this and grasped the base till I stopped, all the time 'its gonna be okay', 'just listen to me', 'i'll make it feel better'-when my hips stopped,she began again, this went on for about an hour. I didn't know what was going on,was scared shitless of what I was feeling--and I told her so..Several times I told her I had to pee, and she whispered it was all okay..After about an hour of this,my balls were now saturated w/ pre-cum-she began stroking my now throbbing cock with the same speed, she sat on my out stretched legs at the thighs (to hold me down as she stroked)..I then,as she did, feel my cock begin to throb, as I am attempting to fuck her hand stroking me.
I wanted her to stop, but didn't at the same time-it felt too good, it hurt, totally unfamiliar to me!! The she began to tell me -'stay with me baby, it's gonna feel better, stay with me, let it go'--her hand was now flying up an down my cock,,'let me see it shoot, come on an give it to me, let it all cum out.' I thought I was gonna die, but then I felt my ass flex, my cock stiffen-and all at once the cum exploded out of me in 4-5 strings about a foot high-all over her, me. She was still milking me--'give it all to me, pump it out for me'. I must have had cum for about 3 minutes as she continued to massage it all out of me..
This was the beginning of an almost daily occurrence w/ her--all she wanted to do was see my big cock squirt--for a year. But then another cheerleader(jr),took over where she left off(graduated). We did a lot of experimenting--she was always trying to coax more cum, with anal, toys, etc.. I don't know if anyone out there is interested,or had a similar experience, but if so-leave me a message--reply on here--and I will continue. Would like to hear from any females that are experienced in this...



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