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Checking for Swimmers

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One weekend I was helping my sister-in-law with some computer work in her office. She is an OB/GYN in a small town and shares an office with a urologist a nurse midwife, a part-time lab assistant and a handful of nurses. She's about six years older than me, about 43. She reminds me of my wife, older, but more athletic in build. Since I consider my wife a looker, her sister is also attractive to me.

I was hooking up some new computers on a Sunday, since the office was closed that day. I went in with my sister-in-law who unlocked and un-alarmed the place. It was just the two of us. She left me to do the work while she got caught up on some paperwork.

After a few hours in the dead-quiet office she came in to talk to me while I was wiring the lab area in the office. She mentioned that lately the urologist had performed a swarm of vasectomies and the lab followups to insure that the vasectomies 'took' were keeping the usually part-time lab tech busy. I mentioned that I had my vas about a year ago when we were living upstate in another town. I told her I never followed up with the lab test to make sure there were no 'swimmers'. I was traveling a lot for business just never got around to it. Truth is, I told her, I felt kind of silly carrying a little bottle of semen into the doc's office.

My sister-in-law, Jenny or Dr. Jen by everyone in town, told me I should follow up and that I shouldn't be embarrassed. Jen then said, 'in fact, if you want we can get it over here and now and you'll never have to worry about it again'. I have all the equipment here. I protested a little, saying I had work to do, but she almost insisted.

With that she took a specimen bottle from the shelf and had me follow her down the hall to the urology exam room. She led me in and in a very clinical way explained how to 'extract the specimen'. I was blushing, for sure, but also a little excited. She told me she'd be down the hall and to come find her as soon as I had the specimen, and with that left the room. I looked around the room, there was the usual examining table, a couple of chairs, and a few health pamplets and magazines. Dead quiet. I dropped my pants and sat on the edge of the table, and started to stroke it to try to get an erection. Well, I suppose it was stage fright, or I just awkward but I could only get about half-hard. Just wasn't working. After about 10 minutes, I put my boxers back on, took off my shirt and laid back on the table, closing my eyes to try to get a fantasy going.

About this time I heard Jen knock on the door 'everything OK in there?'. I answered that I was struggling a little. To my surprise Jen came into the room and apologized. 'Normally the urologist has some girly magazines or porno tapes around. I'm sorry, I don't know where they keep them. I hope you aren't too embarassed'. I told her I was OK, but was disappointed 'I don't know what's wrong with him (my penis) this morning. I was hoping to have this test over with.'

'Well, let me see what we can do'. With that, she told me to lay back down. To my surprise she put on latex gloves and, opening a cabinet, grabbed some KY jelly. She told me not to be embarrassed, that it apparently happens sometimes with these tests. She then had me take off my boxers and lay back down. The room went silent as she squeezed the KY onto her latexed palm. I got hard almost immediately. She took the cap off the exam bottle and layed it on the table beside me. With that, she took my now erect penis in hand and lightly worked the lube all over, nice and slowly. I moaned a little and snickered a little, something her serious nature was not inclined to do. 'Well, I don't think we'll have any trouble getting my specimen now', she said. After that, the room went quiet except for my breathing. I watched her magically stroke my shaft and finally laid back and closed my eyes. The doc knew what she was doing, alright. After a while I started rocking my hips, humping into her hand and breathing heavy. She gripped me firmly and stroked faster. The sloshing sound in the dead-quiet office was so erotic. With a moan I announced 'I'm cumming'. I felt her stroke stop and felt the head of the bottle professionally placed over my swollen head. I erupted shot after shot. As I eased up, I felt her make a ring with her thumb and forefinger and milk my cock from bottom to top to get those last drops out. 'now that wasn't so bad' she said closing the lid. Her gloves came off with a loud snap as I lay spent on the table. She went to the sink and came back with a damp towel and wiped me clean, then washed her hands.

'I'll have the results in a few minutes. Come on down to the lab once you recover and get dressed'. And with that she left the room.



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