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Chat With My Own Sister - Part Vi

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Continue reading my 'secret' sexual encounters with my own sister, who -at that time- didn't know about me making such encounters. She assumed she never knew me.

In the previous part (part V), we masturbated together over the phone. In this episode, we continued to exchange erotic messages. Read on...


The next day, I rushed to the hamper at the bathroom. I found her panties and the shorts she wore last night. Crotch was already dry but a bit rough - a manifestation that something sticky had just hardened.

I was full of images and thoughts about my sister-the thought that my sister masturbated; the image that my sister is shaved; the thought that she was moaning while playing and touching herself; the thought that she was enjoying my 'distance' sensual massage; the thought she was looking at the photo of my grown up penis... etc...

At breakfast time, I saw her in the dining and in the living room-and my thoughts about her were all so erotic.

In the evening, I again started to exchange messages with her. Then she asked for my picture. I sent her a photo, but not mine. Then she sent me her own photo. When I asked her for some sexy photos, she said that they would come much later when she would have gathered enough guts. Then, we laughed.

I told her I really want to see her shaved pussy. And we laughed again. For several days, this kind of conversation dragged on. I would content myself thinking about what's behind the clothes of my sister while we spent time together in the house or when she is in front of me. We were very close with each other. And we became even closer. Because she was the subject of my chat, I somehow developed closer connection to her without her knowledge. On her part, she was deeply connected to her textmate (and that's me!) that, at times, she would always stay in her room. But that's perfectly alright with me because that would give me enough time and space to send her messages (erotic and otherwise!).

There would be times that I call her at the middle of the night especially when I hear her coming from the bathroom or whenever I heard her still awake. And I would masturbate while talking to her. Many times she described sketchily her body, her nakedness, how she masturbates, how she shaves, etc. I have shared with her my fantasies, my stories about my sexualities minus the reality that I am her brother.

I wanted to reveal myself to her but I knew she would get mad at me. I thought that with our situation as 'best friends', she's better off. And I am too.

One of the fantasies we shared (as textmates) was making out in the pool or in the beach. Many times we imagined ourselves in the pool. These were the messages we exchanged for some time. We masturbated to the thoughts and images of being together as best friends beside a swimming pool or in the beach making out - kissing, petting and caressing each other's body. And we would describe in detail how we stroke and rub each other. The messages we exchanged were all saved in my CP.

In one of her messages, she said: '... maybe we can go to a private pool... and we can swim naked... you won't be able to catch up on me...'

The greatest thing was that when we go to our pool-in the real world, as brother and sister - during weekends, I would deliberately act out what we describe in our text messages as we were suppose to be doing as 'best friends' or I would playfully engage her to a guessing game involving hidden features of our bodies such as hidden moles and birth marks which we shared in our text messages but did not allow myself to get caught because of 'perfect guesses'. Many times, I would be standing in front of her exposing my bulge. And at times, I was carried away with my own role play. But no way did I give way in making direct advances to my sister.

There were times, I knew - that she was aroused because of the almost similarities of actions between what I was doing and what we described in our chat. I would sometimes see her taking a curious glimpse at my frontal, which - at those times-was obviously erect, with some hairs in my trunks' hemline. And I knew she saw me looking at her mound and breasts too. Honestly, in many times, I enjoyed standing in front of her with my bulge, which I usually position to the right side of my trunks. If I position it vertically, its head would find its way out of the waistband. With a pair of plain light blue swimming trunks, the bulge was quite apparent. As brother and sister, we never talked about our 'bird and bee'. But maybe, she was looking at me, as the physical manifestation of her text mate (which was me after all).

As we continued to spend our times together as brother and sister, we enjoyed our company as had been before when we were younger - when we were not yet 'best friends'. We still hug each other (but I would deliberately feel her body now). We would actually rub each other's back or feet when we watch TV together. I would see her in her short shorts (but now, I would tried to peek through the crotch). Or I would see her wearing a t-shirt without a bra. She would ask me to put lotion at her back before we swim. And during these occasions, I would have fabulous erection. But we never flirted with each other. We just simply and discreetly tried to 'feel' each other.

That was how we continued to treat each other. And although, I have known that she could be horny just like me, I never took advantage of that, perhaps because I respected her so much as my sister. But I masturbated a lot thinking about her and her private moments with herself.



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