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Chat With My Own Sis - Part II

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Part I of the story dealt with how I disguised as a 'stranger' and played a friendly textmate (or chatmate) to my own sister, who is 2 years my senior. Here's the continuation of our exchange of messages one day...


(Read Part I to get the context of the story...)

Me: 'May I ask you another question, if you don't mind?'

Sister: 'Sure...'

Me: 'Is it a sin to masturbate? You said you are ... a child psychology major?'

Sister: 'Why do you ask?'

Me: 'I am just curious... and I feel like ... I want to do it... Am sorry for this message...'

Sister: 'LOL... It's perfectly normal...especially for boys... I got to go now. I will take showers now.'

Though she excused herself from her textmate, my sister remained in the couch in front of me. She was bothered. It was apparent that she tried to avoid such a conversation. She laid her mobile phone beside her. Then I texted after 5 minutes.

Me: 'Am sorry if I offended you... Am really sorry...'

There was a long pause, and my sister didn't reply for about 10 minutes. She was watching a movie. I was simply pretending to be texting but I was looking at her and observing her. I was fully erect already. Then, finally, she texted.

Sister: 'Am done with the showers.'

Me: 'Ah ok... Am sorry if I offended.' I was trying to go back to the topic.

Sister: 'It's ok. Don't say sorry. It's perfectly normal, as I said.'

Me: 'Thanks a lot. Can I ask you another question?'

Sister: 'Yeah, keep them coming.'

Me: 'Have you had sexual experiences?'

I want to imagine what my sister had been doing with her boyfriend. And she replied very honestly:

Sister: 'LOL. I had a boyfriend a year ago but I haven't had sex with him, if what you mean by sex is penetration.'

Me: 'Ah ok, then how far have you gone...'

Sister: '...just a bit of kissing, making out and little petting... LOL.'

Me: 'Had you shown him your naked body?'

Sister: 'LOL... in some sense, yeah... but not quite... why?'

Me: 'What's the measure of your body?'

Sister: 'Why? 34-25-35' (meaning, 34 inches breasts, 25 inches hips and 35 inches waists. And I know that exactly is the measurement of my sister.)

Me: 'You're very sexy... nice figure... your boyfriend must have loved your body a lot, right?'

Sister: 'Yeah... He said he likes my body a lot... and my shaved ... LOL!'

Me: 'Have you tried masturbating yourself?'

Sister: 'LOL... recently... after I broke up with him... LOL... ashame...'

Me: 'Wow, that's great to hear. What do you consider as you motivation why you masturbate?'

Sister: 'LOL... Are you guys the only ones who have the right to become horny, and the ones who have the privilege to do something else to yourselves? LOL...'

At this juncture, I really felt horny reading the messages of my own sister who was just about 2 meters away from me.

Me: 'When was the last time you had one?'

Sister: 'LOL...secret!... LOL'

Me: 'When? Come on...'

Sister: 'Why do you want to know?... LOL...A while ago... and about to...'

I saw my sister smiled to herself again while reading my message. I knew that she was just teasing. Then she positioned herself such that she was now lying on her belly. She kept on wiggling her bended knees.

Me: 'LOL...LOL...LOL... you naughty...'

Sister: 'LOL... but it's true...'

Obviously my sister was teasing her textmate. She was teasing 'me'. And I had to tease her back.

I knew that it's not true that she just masturbated because we had been together the whole day. We went to the grocery store, we played cards just before we took our lunch, we basically watched TV together right after lunch, and we watched people passing by at the porch just before the sun sat.

Me: 'hey... I like that... and I'm about to...'

There was no reply from my sister, so I texted her a message again.

Me: 'Did you ever tried masturbating with your boyfriend?'

Sister: 'LOL... Yeah, sometimes... that was before...LOL'

Me: 'You said you didn't go into penetration with your boyfriend, what sexual act or acts did he enjoy getting from you?'

Sister: 'LOL... He liked very much whenever we make out... caressing and feeling my breasts.. and that one down there...LOL...'

Me: 'Wow, that's sexy... What else?'

Sister: 'Some... mutual masturbation... some oral sex... me ashame now...'

Me: 'Am also good at that... Would you like me do those with you too? LOL!... Please don't get offended, my best friend.'

Sister: 'LOL... you're letting me feel horny...'

Me: 'Yeah, same here... you're driving me to my edge...'

Sister: 'LOL...'

My sister sent that abbreviated message, then stood up and went up to her room. She looked oblivious of my presence in front of her couch. Then I continued to send message to her.

(To be continued.)



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