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Chat With My Own Sis - Part I

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my sister has been the subject of my desires and my 'solo touch'. hope you will enjoy my story...


I don't know if everybody understands what a textmate is. In this part of the world where we live, cell phones or mobile phones are regular company and we communicate with one another through the use of mobile phones - especially our friends and new-found friends round the clock. It's a chat using the cell phone.

One morning, I heard my sister (2 years older than me) and our live-in maid talking. My sister was 19 and I was 17. And this happened some 3 years ago. My sister confided to the maid that there was a guy who has been texting her and the guy seemed so sweet - sending sweet messages every now and then. According to what I overheard, my sister doesn't know who the guy is.

At that age, my sister had been the subject of my own 'solo touch'. She's bubbly, gorgeous, and sweet older sister. And she was a bit uninhibited - in the sense that she can express her self and feelings freely. She doesn't despise shortcomings and even human frailties.

Hearing her confiding to our maid about that guy who had been texting her gave me an idea. I bought a new SIM (a memory card where the contact number is stored). I had a new number and I can text anybody without having me being traced (I kept my old number for my popular use). The victim for my new number would be my sister. I wanted to play with her - just like that guy who was been texting her. But with me, I will try to send some other messages.

So I sent my first message to my sister: 'Hi. Can we be friends?' She didn't answer. I sent thoughtful messages and some personal messages such as 'Have you had dinner yet?', 'Take care always', 'Study well, I like you', etc.

Despite all these messages, she did not reply yet to my messages and it was about three days already of trying. Then one very early morning (about 3 in the morning) and I knew she was fast asleep, I texted: 'I know you are fast asleep. I just want to feel your body... Am sorry for this message.'

At 6:00 in the morning, her message came: 'Who's this? And what do you want from me?'

I texted back: 'This is Rodney (the name I used). And I just want to be your friend. I don't know you. I just tried to rumble the numbers and came up with your number. May I know your name?'

And after a lot of convincing, my sister replied truthfully on who she is. I really admired her for her openness. And when she hinted that she wanted to hear my voice (perhaps to ensure that 'I am' is not a guy she knows), I was able to talk freely without being recognized. I talked through the pillows.

In no time at all, we were exchanging messages like real friends - very comfortable with each other. We simply called each other 'best friend'. The funny thing was that we were together at home, sitting side by side watching TV, dining together, and we were exchanging messages, but without her knowing that she was just exchanging messages to someone nearby - her brother.

The first time I did the succeeding story, I was really feeling nervous - dried throats, quivering hands, etc. But I enjoyed the feeling. Here's the exchange of messages (culled from my files of inbox messages):

Me: 'Are you alone in your couch now?'

My sister: 'Nope, I have my brother opposite me in the other couch. What about you?'

Me: 'Am in my room, alone? I just had my shower, sort of drying off.' I pretended to be in my room alone.

Sister: 'Hmmm... I have yet to take shower myself... it's getting late... think go for a shower now. GTG.'

Me: 'Wait... don't go yet. You have the whole time for shower later.'

Sister: 'Why?'

Me: 'Would you like me to go to shower with you?'

Sister: 'LOL. Funny. Stop that!'

Then, I saw my sister paused a bit. Smiled to herself, then continued to watch the TV. I pretend to continue texting. Then after 5 minutes, I resumed my text messaging.

Me: 'Hi, Are you done with your shower?'

She didn't answer. But I saw her smiled again. Obviously, she was trying to tease and flirt with the 'guy'. So I again texted:

Me: 'I can smell right from here that you still stink, which means, you haven't been to the shower yet. What must be you're doing now? I think I know....'

Sister: 'LOL... am going to hit the shower in a bit. Am just undressing in my room.'

I saw my sister smiled to herself again. She pretended to be in her room. My heart started to pound heavily. I knew I could carry the conversation to a higher plane.

Me: ' Wow, undressing, huh? What a nice sight...'

Sister: 'Yeah...'

Me: 'May I ask you a personal question?'

Sister: 'What about it?'

Me: 'Is that shaved or bushy?'

Sister: 'LOL. Shaved. LOL'

At that instant, I felt my penis hardened... and I was taking glimpse to my sister. Haven't seen my sister naked. But I could imagine her now and her shaved pussy.

To be continued...



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