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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi

You: what is the point of anonymity if everybody insists on asl?

Stranger: idk

You: how are you

Stranger: well and you

You: tired and cranky but thanks for asking

You: what gives you joy

Stranger: chocolate cake

You: hahaha

You: you better have good dentist

Stranger: I do lol my dad is a dentis

You: what are your favorite movies, song, colors

You: ok you are safe then

Stranger: wine red by hush sound yellow and die hard

You: how old are you dude

Stranger: 18 and I am a female

You: it was obvious by the chocolate cake

Stranger: lol

You: what colors look best on you

Stranger: I would say red but my friends say that pastels look great on me

You: hmm good to always have friends to tell you the truth :-)

Stranger: yeah I love my friends lol I have one friend we been friends since fifth grade

You: that is awesome

You: I also have a friend from fifth grade

You: when was last time you wore your best color

Stranger: this moring

You: if I don't make sense, I am half way asleep

You: what color? not to be nosy

Stranger: yellow

You: fun thought hardly pastel

You: well what shade

Stranger: really light almost white

You: oh must be a pretty shirt

Stranger: no it was a dress

You: oh how elegant

You: tube or flowy

Stranger: flowy

You: mmhmm

You: and it twirls as you turn

Stranger: yes

You: how long? not to be nosy

Stranger: no it only comes like an inch above my knees

You: still elegant

You: and a good way to feel great about your legs

Stranger: I am only 5'2 so not alot to show

You: petite legs are still beautiful when proportionate

Stranger: lol that so nice

You: but true

You: particularly when you can sense the breeze caressing the thighs

Stranger: lol I love swirling around in dresses

You: who doesn't?

Stranger: I know lol

You: plus there is no easier way to switch between goody goody and a daring one

Stranger: lol so true

Stranger: never thought of it like that

You: well because you have never done anything daring

Stranger: I guess

You: I mean when opening your legs to let the person across glance up your inner thighs

Stranger: I thought of it once but never had the courage to do it

You: mmhmm chickened out

Stranger: yeah

You: was it somebody you knew? not to be nosy

Stranger: no it was a complete stranger

You: and that is the thrill of it, isn't it

Stranger: yeah

You: so what made you even consider doing it

You: not to be nosy

Stranger: I dont know

You: what was the dress

Stranger: what do you mean?

You: the dress you had on then

You: haha I had a random thought

Stranger: it was a jean skirt I was on my way to the beach so I was wearing a bathing suit under my clothing and we stop at a restaurant before

You: oh ok so it was not too bad

Stranger: lol

You: not like some thin cotton panties

Stranger: or a thong

You: or nothing

Stranger: I would be too nervous to do it with nothing on

You: you would be surprised

Stranger: I dont I could maybe if someone was there with me idk

You: so you were on your own

Stranger: yeah

You: well that is a big thrill

You: but you can test it

Stranger: now I have something planned for the weekend

You: oh are you leaving

Stranger: no

You: then go put on the dress for small rehearsal

Stranger: ok

Stranger: I have it on

You: sitting or laying on the bed propped by pillows

Stranger: I am sitting

You: ok I am sitting too

You: across from you or sideways

Stranger: across from each other

You: how are you stting and how are you feeling

Stranger: with my knees close and very nervous

You: why are you nervous and where do you feel nervous

Stranger: at the pit of my stomach and just think about it

You: not too bad

You: you do not feel tingly down below, do you

Stranger: a little

You: well it is kind of natural, isn't it

Stranger: yeah

You: all the talking about it

Stranger: yeah

You: plus sensing the gentle touch of the cotton on you

Stranger: yeah

You: and all the anticipation

Stranger: I am getting all tingly

You: and you can almost sense your pulse down there

Stranger: umm yes

You: so what do you want to do with the knees

Stranger: spread them lol

You: so what made you choose that stranger in the restaurant

Stranger: I dont know something about the way he just seem bored

You: and you wanted to entertain them

Stranger: yeah lol

You: but not bad enough

Stranger: I would have but I just saw other people around and he was with his wife or gf

You: which would have been even bigger thrill

Stranger: I just could rent

You: rent?

Stranger: couldn't lol

You: oh ok np

You: so how strong was the tingly feeling then

Stranger: really strong

You: on 1 to 10

Stranger: 8

You: and now

Stranger: close to a 9

You: so it is getting to throb

Stranger: yeah

You: but you are still affraid to open

Stranger: im starting to

You: why

Stranger: the strong the tingly feeling the more I spread my knees

You: how wide

Stranger: almost all the way

You: what am I seeing

You: if it is me who you are trying to show

Stranger: light pink cotton panties

You: low rise bikinis or boyshorts

Stranger: boyshorts

You: snug on you or more relaxed pair

Stranger: snug

You: comfy and girly

Stranger: lol yeah I dont really like tongs they seem a little uncomfortable

You: who needs wedgies anyway

Stranger: I know

You: so how are you feeling

Stranger: still little nervous but the tingly is getting worse

You: why are you nervous

Stranger: just thinking about doing it in public

You: is this thought exciting or scary

Stranger: exciting

You: well you are in public now, I am a stranger

Stranger: lol you are right

You: am I staring or pretending I am not seeing anything but throwing a glance

Stranger: I am starting to spread my knees even more

You: how are you feeling

Stranger: less nervous I am starting to get wet

You: just sensing it or you can actually see a wet spot

Stranger: my panties are kind of thin so you can clearly see it

You: ah

You: oval or circle still

Stranger: oval

You: ah

You: I am getting all goosebumps

Stranger: me to

You: has anyone seen your panties wet

Stranger: not that I know of

You: this is such a thrill

Stranger: yes

You: your inner thighs are so sensual

Stranger: lol thanks

You: how big is the wet oval

You: sorry I am nosy

You: but this is really arousng

Stranger: it started small like my pinky nail but its spreading

You: mmhmm

You: are you trimmed down below or shaved

Stranger: I wax

You: ahhh

You: I am biting my lip haha

You: how are you feeling

You: and what are you doing

Stranger: so hot and sexy touching my self

You: ohhhh

You: through the panties or hand inside

Stranger: through my panties

You: mmmm

You: ever done this before

Stranger: no

You: isn't it an amazing feeling

Stranger: yes

You: and you don't mind seeing this?

Stranger: no

You: ahh

You: what are you thinking about now

Stranger: how I should do this next time I go out to a restaurant

You: well be careful picking a stranger

Stranger: I would never go home with one I was just thinking of spreading my knees and letting a random guy see

You: what are you doing now

Stranger: changing into a dry pair of panties

You: oh what happened

Stranger: I made myself cum

You: ahhhhh

You: was this your first time

Stranger: no I have touched my self before but not like this

You: its amazing isnt it

Stranger: yes

You: is it ok it is actually really turning me on

Stranger: its fine

You: what are the new panties

Stranger: blue cotton boyshorts snug to

You: very cute

Stranger: thanks

You: are you letting me still see or closed the knees

Stranger: still letting you see

You: ahhh

You: how does it make you feel that I am seeing them

Stranger: its getting me wet all over again

You: ahhh

You: I actuually wished we had camera or something

Stranger: me to I wish you could see all this

You: ahhhh

You: can you take a pic

Stranger: with my undies on

You: yesss

Stranger: k

Stranger: were do I send it to

You: upload to .......

You: and send the link

Stranger: ok

Your conversational partner has disconnected.



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