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Channeling With Trish

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After having hundreds of orgasms reading some of the fine postings here, I had to share my experience this summer. I have used this myself for a thousand orgasms... enjoy.


It was the beginning of the summer so the weather lent itself to siting out on the deck of my in-laws house in the noontime sun. I had the house to myself as my wife was out of town with friends, my father-in-law was out of town with work, and my Mother-in-law was at work as well. Lounging in a chair with a glass of iced tea and catching up on some overdue reading I heard a door. This was unexpected as I had a good idea where everyone was. I see my Mother-in-law walk into the kitchen from my vantage point on the deck; we exchange waving pleasantries and I thought nothing much of it. She came out a few moments later to say a proper hello.

As she walked out the door onto the deck all I saw was legs. Trish works in an office where proper attire is essential, and I was thanking my lucky stars for that. Her white blouse and tasteful navy skirt with 2-inch heels made their way towards me. When she approached I asked why she was off work so early; she said she wasn't and was only home to grab some stuff she forgot as she had errands to run after work on the other side of town. My enjoyment of the sight of her led me to ask if she wanted to join me for a glass of iced tea so I could gaze upon her beauty longer, as she always wore sweats and raggy shirts around the house. To my surprise she accepted, and left to get a glass. Watching her walk away was just as good as her arrival and my mind leapt to the gutter. Being fatigued from travel the day before I hit the pillow the previous night without sex or a good wank, and my body was reminding me in no uncertain terms of this oversight. Moments later she returned with tea in hand now wearing sunglasses to best enjoy the weather.

When I had taken my place on the deck before her arrival I did not bother to move the chairs. Evidently Trish and her husband were out on the deck recently enjoying the weather as well, as the loungers were perpendicular to each other so as to see the length of each other. Trish took her place on the lounger to my left in front of me kicking off her heals before making her way to the semi-reclined position. I too was wearing sun glasses and was ever so thankful of this at this particular moment so I could stare at her without being caught.

We chatted for a few moments talking about what I was reading and her work as she sipped her tea. As we conversed I hadn't taken my eyes off her, I never got to see her in such splendor, he legs are trim and firm as she works out 5 days a week; they were tan, freshly shaved and contrasted nicely with the white blouse and navy skirt, making things difficult for me. When I had arrived on the deck some half hour ago I simply wore a pair of grey cotton gym shorts and a t-shirt. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but thinking I had the house all to myself, I went commando and I could feel the erection starting to build.

I tried to maneuver myself accordingly, but it seemed to just make things worse and expose more of my legs as my shorts would ride up... then I realized something. The sun was behind me, so I could see right into Trish's sunglasses, and she could not see into mine. What's more, she was glancing down at the erection building in my shorts. This only made things worse: now I was bordering on full erection, and there was nowhere to hide.

What seemed like an hour of silence was maybe 30 seconds, when I broke the silence with 'If I didn't tell you already, you look very nice today.'

She comes back with, 'Oh, you told me.'

The problem was; I knew I didn't. I smiled. I know I was now flush and just accepted my situation as did Trish. We talked about a few other things for about a quarter hour and I got my mind wrapped around calming down, but it didn't stay that way.

Trish asked me if I had ever read 'romance novels.' I said no, and asked if this is a subject we should go into, telling her I know she knew I was having problems before. She said she saw, and was quite flattered. I know I turned red, and as if by instinct, my erection returned.

I told her I shouldn't feel like this, she said she was sorry and we wrapped up the conversation as she said she had to head back to work. We had a giggle or two about the situation and I made the off handed remark, 'Well, you gave me a lot to think about.' I couldn't believe it came out of my mouth! I was caught up in a bit of laughter with my Mother-in-law and then I blurted out basically 'When you leave I am going to shoot ropes of cum thinking about you!'

I was instantly shocked and embarrassed. After a second of silence she said 'And what would you think about specifically?'

I thought, 'Oh, God,' and stayed completely silent. Trish went from standing next to the lounger to laying back on it, but this time her skirt seemed to hike up a bit, making my bad situation even worse.

I told her 'I can't think this!'

She retorted with, 'Yes, it's wrong, but you're going to do it anyway, so I want to hear about it.'

As I took those words in I was again thankful the sun was behind me, for what I saw make my erection full. When Trish returned to the lounger and hiked her skirt up a bit, I could see the light red panties she chose that day, but when she put them on, I will wager they did not have that huge wet spot in the crotch! So I volleyed the ball back into her court as it were. 'So we're both in the gutter I see.'

'Yes, quite,' she said softly and proceeded to get comfortable on the lounger. My mind and heart were now racing as I had only dreamed of something like this happening.

Catching a deep breath and regaining my composure as best I could, I surveyed the situation. I went through different scenarios in my head and found the one that was safest with the best outcome for the situation.

Between being so turned on that I was dripping (that could be seen on my shorts) and knowing she was in the same mood, my questions became escalated. I said 'Ok, since the cat is out of the bag, mind if I ask some really bold questions?'

Trish openly invited them. After finding out that she was at 8 on a scale of 1-10 (1 being asleep and 10 having an orgasm), and I was as well, I decided to try a something I had some success with by myself and wanted to do with her since the last time I did it I had an orgasm so huge (by myself) that I was yelling in ecstasy. Now, since I was so horny I could hear my heart beating in my ear, I wanted to try it with her.

I asked Trish if she had ever heard of channeling, she said no, so my opportunity to walk her through it was in front of me, so I proceeded.

I said 'Imagine you are trying to go to sleep, and you are focusing all the stress out of your body. I want you to do the same thing, except focus your concentration and stress between your belly button and your knees ... listen to what your body is telling you, channel your energy there, take deep breaths, and listen to me and look at me, and I will look at you ... enjoy the waves of pleasure that start to flow.'

After a moment or two of the combination of Trish looking at my now throbbing erection that was pointed down my left leg at her, and her channeling her own energies to her throbbing slit, things started to progress. I noticed after a few moments her breathing starting to become a bit heavier, her hip started to move slightly, and as they did I said 'It's working isn't it?'

She said yes with a breathy tone and continued to stare at my throbbing member. I was not immune to her breath or movements either. We were feeding off each other, and now words were gone and all we did is watch each other writhe in ecstasy both climbing closer and closer. Trish's hips now started to move a bit more freely, her breath now becoming deeper, sometimes choppy. I was now breathing heavy and my hips started to move as well. As I could see her face start to change, start to strain, I could see she was getting close to climax, and I felt close to one as well.

My heavy breathing was now slowly turning to moans of near climax. My moaning seems to be the final straw as Trish was now moaning and her hips were starting to come off the lounger. With her skirt riding up, her nipples fully erect, Trish's moans turned louder and higher pitch as the waves had hit and she started to orgasm. With her movements in full swing and the sight of this gorgeous older woman grunting out an orgasm using her mind more than her body, I started to yell, as I had only seconds before freed my straining member to let it shine in the sun as long thick ropes of beautiful white cum started bolting from me shooting at Trish.

Trish now in the beginning of an orgasm hit another level when she saw the ropes of hot cum and started to scream as her hips bucked off the lounger as if it were a thousand degrees. I watched Trish cum while watching ropes of my own cum land in between us, and it seemed to go on for days, but finally after 30 seconds of absolute bliss, the screaming stopped, the breathing became heavy but more uniform and the after orgasm feeling swept over both of us.

Moments passed as we both regained our composure, I covered up my still throbbing member and she fixed her disheveled skirt and blouse. Trish was still gazing at my throbbing member when she said, 'I needed that!'

I said I did too. I said 'I don't know whether to thank you or be worried that this has ruined our relationship.'

She smiled and a moment passed, then she said with a sexy smile, 'Oh, no, it's only going to get better. Well, I had better be off back to work. See you this evening'.

Trish went to put her heals back on but stopped, only to pull her skirt up, pull down her panties and toss them at me saying 'Throw those in the laundry for me, will ya?' with a smile. She put her heals back on, fixed her skirt and blouse, headed in, grabbed her purse and headed out to her car to leave. Funny thing was, she came home to pick up a few things for errands after work? Now I know what those errands really were.



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