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Changing With My Friend

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When I moved up to secondary school several years ago, I met a good friend who I've gotten to know very well. I am about 5'10' and he's about 5'7'. He's not overweight, but a little bit chubby. I'm quite skinny and tall for my age.

My class were doing swimming for P.E. a year ago, and my friend Greig (not his real name) didn't feel too well. The teacher sent him out of the pool to get changed and told me to go with him as I was his partner. I asked him if he was going into the showers but he walked past them straight into the changing area. He turned to me with a grin on his face which told me he wasn't at all ill but I didn't understand it.

He said he wasn't sick as he took off his t-shirt he had been swimming in. He stood there facing me with all of the rest of the classes clothes on hooks behind him and undid the ties on his trunks. By this time I had realised what he was doing and was starting to get turned on. He slowly slid down his trunks to show the top of his bushy pubes. My penis started to grow but I didn't bother covering it up. Greig saw this and moved closer to me, undoing my trunks. I felt his erection against my thigh and moved my hand to his ass. He said, I've wanted to see you naked for a while now, and all I did was agree. At this point we were both very horny.

I slid my hand down the back of his trunks and felt his soft round butt. He did the same then I said let's take off our trunks. I stepped back and pulled down my trunks and my hard penis bounced up. Greig did the same and we stared at each other for a while. It was exciting knowing at any point somebody could walk in and catch us. He had a soft, quite large bush of brown pubic hair and a 5' uncut penis. I had a bit less hair but my penis was 5 1/2'.

Greig stepped forward and placed his hand on my throbbing penis, and I did the same to his. This was the first time I had ever felt another boys penis. His shaft was about the same length as mine but my head was bigger. We both started to masturbate each other and we did it in rhythm with each other. Greig let out low moans saying it was better than he'd hoped. We sat down and I let him start wanking me hard. I started to groan as he would wank hard a couple of times then press down on my bell end. I reached the point of no return and said to him, here it comes. He stood up in front of me and thrusted hard until I blew my load over his stomach and hand.

I did the same to him, running my hand up and down his hard penis. His soft skin felt great and my hand slid easily over the still slightly wet penis. He started to thrust his hips in time with my strokes and his breathing slowed. I gently squeezed his large balls and he came all over my hand and his pubes.

We sat next to each other for a bit catching our breath and staring at each others crotches. His balls were bigger than mine but mine hung down further. I stood up and searched in a friends swimming bag. I pulled out his briefs and wiped Greigs cum off of my hand and gave the blue pants to him to clear himself up. He put the briefs in his bag so questions wouldn't be asked about the cum. After a spray of deodorant and another quick feel, we both got dressed and talked about how we masturbate on our own, and boys in our class who we'd like to see naked etc. When the period was over we casually sat down as the rest of the class came in, oblivious to what had happened 10 minutes before. Although I could tell my friend wondered where his pants had gone!

Greig and I made it a point that when we're in the swimming changing rooms again, to make sure the other gets a peak at their penis. We had masturbated a few times after that at each others houses but hadn't gone further than that.

Hope you enjoyed reading!



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