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Changing Room J/o

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On Sunday I had an incredible experience in the changing room of the pool I go to.


First of all, the obligatory description of me: I'm 14 years old, about 6 feet tall and have dirty blond hair. I swim and play tennis so I'm in a pretty good shape. I just loved this site and masturbating so much, that I wanted to post my own experience!

Now the story:

I went swimming at around 11 o'clock, as I always do on Sundays, and swam my laps for like an hour until 12. I got out of the pool and went into the showers, rinsed off with shampoo and hot water, and made my way to the changing room. I could feel my dick rising underneath my swim suit because of the hot water and steamy air in the shower area. When I got to the changing room, which is one large room with lockers on the walls and a block of lockers in the middle to separate the two parts of the room, I immediately saw that there were two boys in there. They seemed to be getting ready to change into their swimsuits, but were horsing around by throwing each other's stuff over the lockers in the middle. I thought nothing more of it and went to my locker to get changed. I took off my swimsuit and dried off, but suddenly these goggles came flying across the room. I put my towel around my waist and went to pick the goggles up. One of the boys, he was probably 11 or 12, came over and knelt over at the same time I did and picked them up first.

Suddenly my towel fell off and exposed my rock hard cock. The boy looked at me and my dick and asked me how old I was. I said, 'I'm fourteen!'

He said, 'Oh, cool! You're pretty big!' and walked away to his friend. I was so hard and desperately needed to jerk off at that moment! I heard them whispering a bit over the lockers and then they both came over. 'Can we see it?' the other boy said. I lowered my towel again to show them and they came closer. I was leaking precum as they stood there staring at it. They looked at each other and one said 'Can we touch it?'

I thought I was going to burst! I looked at them and said 'Sure, go ahead' in the calmest tone I could manage at that moment. They reached for it and started touching it all over. My heart was racing and I wanted to cum so desperately!

'Do you play with it?' one of them asked. I could only nod and lean my head back. They grinned at each other and started really jerking me. I was really ready to blow my load by then, but they distracted me from it by asking a bunch of questions at once.

'Do you shoot white stuff?'


'Oh cool! I want to see!'

This kept going on and on until suddenly the one I talked to first took off his jeans and held his dick in his right hand, while masturbating me with his left. When I saw his penis I realized that they really must be way younger than me, as he had almost no pubic hair yet.

He picked up his pace on my dick and the other boy took out his own tool and started jacking himself. I felt my breath get louder and quicker until I lost myself in total ecstasy! My body shook and I felt my penis ejaculate my semen all over the floor and the boys' hands and clothes. I moaned so loud, the people in the pool must've heard me and the boys stared at my cum that sprayed all over. They both kept going on themselves and soon had wonderful dry orgasms, which made their entire bodies vibrate.

When the three of us recovered, we just looked at each other until one of them said 'We usually do that together after swimming.' That almost made me go hard again, but then both gave my dick a tug and said 'Till next week!'

I'm really excited about what will happen next week, since these kids seem to know a lot more than most kids their age do!



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