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Changing Room

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A few years back I concocted a scenario so I could buy a short miniskirt. I really love to drive with just the miniskirt on in my car, nothing else and slowly stroke my cock under the material as I drive or sit in a parking lot checking out hot women. I have a real thing for the arousal part of sexuality.

The crazy waves of increasing nervousness and aggressiveness and twisted ideas of the innumerable ways I would pleasure the women I'm looking at is a lot of fun.

So two days before Halloween I went into my local store to buy a miniskirt for my costume. Well there were a few different styles and I was tripping on them by myself when this young nubile saleslady named Allison observing my consternation asks if I need any assistance. I explain that I'm going to dress like a sexy schoolgirl for Halloween and I need a miniskirt. Well she's game and starts to show me their selection. This store is buzzing with groups of girls, sexy milfs etc.... I'm the only man in the store with around 15 women.

The skirts are appreciably different and I'm trying to choose when a twisted idea hits me. 'I know this is kinda weird but is their any way I could try these on to see which style is best' I ask young nubile Allison. She hesitates and I tell her 'I could come in later when the stores empty if that's cooler'. My concern for not putting her in a tough position relaxes her. 'I have no problem with you trying on clothes, follow me' She tells me.

As I breach the hallowed doorway to the fitting rooms I realize there are more bunches of loud fun women doing what they love (shopping and buying shit). Allison hands me a card with the number four on it and leads me to a changing room. 'If you need any help just ask' she says and lets me in. This whole time none of the other girls in the changing rooms saw or heard me.

They just kept on with their fun never imagining that a nasty man was just a few feet from all of their states of undress. Allison was needed on the floor so she left to attend matters and I was left alone. My state of arousal was off the charts. I get naked quickly and watch my cock start to grow in the magnificence of the full length mirror.

It just takes a few simple light touches and bam, seven goddamn inches of nail(or pussy) pounding hardness throbbing intensly. I brought in a pair of my old girlfriends panties to try on with the skirt. I had cum in them a few times and their was a strong musky odor to them. I started to wave them around trying to permeate the air with the smell of my dried spunk for all the girls to sense, wondering if there were natural pheremones that might subconsciously act on them. I can't take it any more and must start the process of pleasuring myself. The level of noise was so high from all the multiple interactions in other fitting rooms that I can't hear what normally is the obvious sloppy sound of my hand stroking. I work my cock vigorously to see how much whacking around it takes to hear myself. It was unbelievable to be able to stroke my cock as hard as I want so close to so many unsuspecting half naked chicks.

Just then Allison returns. 'How's it going in there?' She asks 'Good' I stammer out in a low tone male voice for all to hear. You have never heard a room full of voices go that silent that quickly. 'I have it down to two choices, I'd love your opinion' I ask. I put on the stinky panties to strain my cock and a micromini jean skirt and open the door. Some of the other girls were now coming out of their fitting rooms also and clearly checking what's going on. I walked out so Allison could give me her opinion. There I was in only a micromini and smelly panties rock hard being stared at by all kinds of women in the back of a clothing store and pulling it off like it was nothing. 'I really like this skirt but is it too short?' I wonder. This thing was short. It felt like my panty covered balls could be seen at the hemline.

She agrees it's awful short. I go back into the stall. The tension in this space was thick and overwhelming. I pop back out in a flowery number that Allison thinks is better and we agree. I bought that, went out to my car, put it on, and jerked off on the ride home thinking about my adventure.



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