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Change Room Adventure

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This made my day, maybe it will make some one else's


I have been reading your site for a few years and would like to add one of my own stories.
It happened a few years ago when I was 18, I was still experimenting with my sexuality. I was working in a men's clothing store when this guy came in. He was not bad looking and very well dressed, If I had to guess I would have to say that he was about 30. The one thing that struck me was the package he was carrying in his pants. He was wearing jeans and I could make out the outline of his cock with no problem. This really perked my curiosity. I started helping him with dress pants. After he tried on the first pair I could tell that he wasn't wearing any underwear. All I could focus on was his bulge. I think he saw me checking out the goods because he asked what I thought his ass looked like in these pants. I told him that I couldn't see a problem with it. He then said, as he tugged at his rising cock,' you don't mind me trying these on with no underwear.' 'Actually,' I replied 'I kinda prefer it' Though I had never been this blatant, this took him more off guard than myself. He stammered, 'well what do we do now?' I told him that I can help him with his next pair of pants. We went into his change room that was actually a lot bigger than I remember it being. I then started to undo his pants and out flopped his large uncut dick. I was pretty confident with my 7' cock, but his was a 7' and it wasn't even completely hard yet. I started stroking my own cock, and he started pulling on his nuts. This made me so hot. I'd never been in this situation before. He started to undo his shirt, revealing a killer six-pack. I then followed with my own shirt. He started to stroke his own shaft, and reached over to grab my nuts, I then pushed him against the wall and shoved my tongue in his mouth. He didn't seem to mind, because his hand found it's way to my tight ass. His finger started to probe my virgin hole while I grabbed both of our cocks in a tight grasp...as he fingered me, the feeling made me ooze with pre-cum. I think the sight of my pre-cum or the feel of it lubing both of our cocks must of set him over the edge, because he started to tense up. Gripping me harder and getting farther in me he started to moan. When it was at full length, I watched his 10' cock spew out stream after stream of hot cum. As his body relaxed, he caught his breath, kept his finger in my hole, and told me I want you in my mouth and, I want to taste all you are going to give me. He started by putting my sack in his mouth...after working my nuts he turned me around and filled my hot hole with his tongue. While he worked my backdoor, he jerked me off, flipping the head of my cock with each stroke. I couldn't hold off any longer. I told him that I was about to shoot my load. He turned me around, forcing my cock down his throat. I fucked his face for a few seconds before releasing a load that made him gag with pleasure. He took every drop of what I gave him and then licked up his leftovers that were on my stomach. He found the jeans he came in with and left. I never saw him again but still jerk off to that day on a regular basis, and hope that you will as well.



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