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Chance Encounter With A Stranger

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A true story- In the mall washroom I received an invitation I could not refuse. First a fresh faced young asian guy invited me to wank with him and then we were watched by his female flat mate.


I had just dropped my dry cleaning off, and decided to pop into the washroom at the local mall before heading back to the car. The washroom was run down and stank as only mens public toilets can! I was alone and chose the end cubicle of four, when the door to the washroom opened and after a short delay the person entered the cubicle next to me. This was unusual since guys tend to spread out... Then I see the shadow of the guy next door as he pulls his trousers down and sits. I had not noticed before how with a white floor and bright overhead lights you can see the persons shadow so clearly. I then see the man shuffle on the toilet and start to stroke his cock. He must have pushed his cock towards the divider because his shadow cock came under the stall. I could now also hear a gentle slapping as he masturbated back and forth. Feeling turned in I decided to copy him - my own shadow rapidly growing. Just as my cock reached full size someone else came into the washroom with two kids in tow. So I decided to call it day and left the cubicle.

My shadow friend must have had the same thought as he joined me at the wash basin. He leaned over to me and asked if I wanted to go somewhere more private. Sure I said thinking we could wank together or possibly i could even get some head from this 20 something slim asian guy. He asked me to follow and took me to his car in the car park. He then asked if I wanted to go back to his place - he has porn and is up for anything - I smiled and thought am I going to be mugged but my small head between my legs took over. He drove me to his flat 5 mins from the mall - when we arrived we both stripped immediately and started playing with each others cocks. The feel of his small hand on my 8inches was sending me to the edge. His cock was only 5inches but it was smooth and had a large shiny bell end. He kept saying how much he loved cock and a couple of times sucked my cock head.

Then suddenly the front door opened and I froze in shock - my cock shrinking quicker than it had grown! A young asian woman stood there with a cute sideways smile on her face. He quickly said something in Chinese to her and she walked passed is to the kitchen. I started gathering my clothes but he stopped me and said she will stay in the kitchen. He quickly explained she is his flat mate and is not shocked easily and will not disturb us. So I resumed playing with his cock and balls - I spat on my hand to lube his bell end- it felt so hard and soft at the same time. He was moaning and gently thrusting into my hand. Then I noticed the girl watching us from the doorway. She caught my eye and just shyly smiled... I was so turned on being naked in front of this clothed girl wanking another guy! My cock was straining upwards. At that moment my new friend came, pumping sperm all over my hand and onto my leg. I took his sperm and used it as a lube on my own cock and continued to wank - looking straight into the eyes of the girl. She meanwhile had slipped her hand down the inside of her skirt and was rocking on her hand. I only lasted thirty seconds before I exploded all over the floor.. As the high subsided the girl handed me some tissues to clean up - which I did and then left in a hurry and not sure what to make of the whole adventure. Outside I realised I had a 30min walk to my car.. but the experience was worth it!



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