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Challenging Me

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My thirteen year old daughter Darlene is a lovely young lady with a very warm personality that enables her to acquire nice friends and an excellent reputation in her high school. She also can get a bit annoying at times with what I consider inappropriate comments and remarks on a variety of subjects. Several nights ago while her dad was at work I was at the computer and she was supposedly doing her homework she came over to the computer and says,' mom, I'm only thirteen and my tits are bigger than yours.' She really caught me off guard but I reminded her that the appropriate word was 'breasts' and not tits, tatas, hooters, boobs, jugs or any other slang expressions. She just said, 'OK.' I was also more than a little annoyed that she said this because they are not bigger than mine. Yes, I know that this thought on my part was childish but I just couldn't help thinking it. I should have shut my mouth or told her to find something to do but instead I had to say, 'they are not bigger than mine.' I proceeded to go about my business of exploring a particular subject on the net. She continued to stand slightly behind me and I heard some movement of some sort. Darlene then says to me, 'look.' I looked back at her and she is topless. I'm staring at two fairly large breasts with dark brown areolae and nipples. She then says to me, 'match these puppies.' Now I stooped to her level and removed my blouse. I then took off my bra and let her see my breasts. She says, 'can I feel them?' I said, 'go ahead.' Darlene now takes a breast in each hand and proceeds to fondle them. I feel her fingertip moving back and forth over my nipple. I must admit, I liked the feeling. As Darlene contines to fondle my breasts she states that she thinks that our 'tits' are about the same size. I then said, 'that's enough.' Darlene stops fondling my breasts and leans down to me and puts a nipple into her mouth. OH BROTHER! I'm actually beginning to become arroused. I took hold of her hair and pulled her head away from my breast. She says to me, 'please, can't I suck them?' I said, 'absolutley not!!' She wanted to know why not. I didn't know how to answer her. I again told her to go find something to do. I was shaking. Darlene put her bra and top back on and went up to her room. I was never so upset in my life. When I finally went to bed that night I kept thinking about what just happened with my daughter whom I normally considered a child. I kept seeing her breasts in my mind and I could almost feel her mouth on my nipple. Yes, I masturbated myself until I came. The next morning I had a serious talk with Darlene but that's a different story. Strangely enough, I shared this incident with my mom and it was she who told me about this site. After reading a number of mother-daughter stories I thought I would submit this. For some reason, I now feel like a fool for allowing this whole thing to happen. Also, my mom says I should never have removed my top and bra in the first place. By doing that she says I just further encouraged Darlene to push boundaries. Why the hell did I become arroused?? Who knows!!

Raising a daughter can be a real challenge.



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