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Cfnm Personal Advertisement

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I have always loved CFNM and this day really was a highlight.


I'm 27, 6'3', healthy body and seven inch cock and I've been into CNFM since I was about 15 when my sister and her friends had me strip for them at one of her sleep overs.

I've been to many a nudist beach, been hard during many massages and have deliberately been caught heaps of times naked by the hotel maid.

One day I got the thought of being driven naked around in a car by a fully clothed woman who I'd only met for the first time. I wasn't sure how I would do this until I thought of putting an advert in an online personals asking for just that. That they come and pick me up, I get in, we drive off and I take my clothes off in the car and continue the trip completely naked...not only letting her see my super hard cock but also with the chance that complete strangers would catch me as well.

The advert was online for four days before someone wrote to me and said they'd be up for it and was looking forward to 'the ride'.

We organised a date, location and time to pick me up. To say that the idea of being naked in a car with a complete stranger in the middle of the day had me hard as a rock was an understatement! I wasn't wearing any underwear so I could strip quickly and waiting on the street corner with a massive erection was quite difficult.

She finally arrived and I got in like we were old friends and we drove off. After about 30 seconds of silence we looked at each other and both laughed at what we had agreed to. I knew I couldn't back out and I so wanted her to see my cock that I said 'Well...here goes ok?' She said 'Yes please' while staring right at my cock when she wasn't looking at the road.

My heart was racing as I first took off my shirt. There was now no hiding my cock in my shorts and some precum had already soaked into the thin fabric.

We were in a quiet street so I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down to my feet. I had to raise my hips as I took off my shorts so my cock was high in the air and for all to see. She gasped as she saw it for the first time and nearly drove into a parked car.

I was so horny and my cock so sensitive I didn't dare touch it for thinking that I would cum all over the car.

We had an agreement too that I wouldn't masturbate as I wanted to tease myself and stay hard for the entire trip. My cock was throbbing and pulsing up and down on my belly sitting in the car. I was loving that she was wiggling around in her seat, staring at all of me while she drove.

After a minute or so we suddenly turned onto a busy road which I knew had lots of traffic light intersections. We also had an agreement that I couldn't cover up while naked in the car unless it was the police!

She drove us up to the first set of lights which just so happened to turn red on approach. We were on a double lane road and my dream/nightmare was just about to happen. A 4WD with a female driver pulled up next to us. I looked up at her and caught her as she caught an eyeful of my weeping seven inch cock throbbing away in our car. I watched her first stare at it and then at me and back again about five times. The lights went green, she just nodded and drove off. I reckon I could've come in seconds if I had've touched my cock at that point.

My driver was really wiggling around in her seat. I could tell she was trying to masturbate without using her hands. She was giving off little moans and her mouth had been open the entire trip so far.

We drove for about five more minutes before we rounded a corner and were coming up to where she had picked me up. I was glad to finish as I couldn't stand not masturbating anymore. And I'm sure she needed some quiet time somewhere to finger her clit to orgasm.

We pulled up at the meeting point and she turned the car off and studied my cock some more. She said 'That is a beautiful penis. I so want to fuck it I'm that horny.' I said 'This penis?' and grabbing the base, pointed it up to the sky for her. She put a hand down to her pussy and pressed on her jeans to try to connect with her clit. She must have done well as she just closed her eyes and let out a slow, gutteral groan. I'm pretty sure she just came in front of me fully clothed after staring at my cock for the last 10 minutes.

I so wanted to come myself but stayed true that I wouldn't come in her car. I pulled my shorts up and put my shirt on. I turned to her and said 'That was the hottest fucking thing I think I've done without touching myself. Thank you.' I got out of the car and thanked her again. She just stared at the tent in my pants. It was all so surreal.

One minute after, I was in the public toilet masturbating. 10 seconds after starting I came all over the toilet, the wall and the floor. So much cum and so strong. I had to sit down for about five minutes to compose myself.

I think I may do it again!

If you can think of any other CFNM situations that I should explore then let me know. And to that woman in the car, thank you.



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