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Ceejay's Day

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This is a resubmission of a true story with a few minor edits to abide the site rules. It was the first time I touched myself for a woman I met through work.


Several years ago I worked for a hospital as a lab courier. Part of my job was making prescription drug deliveries to senior citizens and nursing homes. In the course of my job I met many care workers who worked with active seniors, so they had bits of spare time in their day while their clients were occupied. It didn't take long to get their schedules down so I could arrange my deliveries to match their daily free time. We would share lunch and sit and talk. As often happens, the discussions turned to sex and things sometimes heated up a bit.

One of the women I remember so well, we'll call her Jane, was married to an alcoholic who spent many nights and holidays of their 12 years in the drunk tank. She was a virgin when she'd met him and her inexperience led her to be pregnant and married when she was 17. She was pretty shy and finally admitted that apart from her husband and young sons, she'd never seen another man's penis. Of course I immediately offered to show her mine, but she was reluctant. Being a healthy red blooded exhibitionist, I even offered to masturbate for her if she liked, something she had also admitted to being curious about. After a few weeks, and after I'd stopped teasing her about it, I told her I needed to use the restroom one day before I left to continue my deliveries. I turned toward the basement door. She quietly said my name.



'Were you serious about your offer?'

'Which one?'

'About...never mind.'

'Jane, what's the matter?' I chuckled a little, I found her shyness before she asked me a question a major turn on. 'You know you can ask me anything.'

'About showing me....'

My trip downstairs suddenly became less of an issue. I was very interested to see where this was going to go. 'You want me to show you something of mine? You know you have to ask me before I will,' one of my 'rules.' When she said yes I moved closer to her, about two feet away. Now I'm tall at 6'5' to her 5', but she liked the way I towered over her....hubby was only slightly taller than her. She began stuttering, trying to ask, seeking the words. She was in sweats and a low cut top, her face blushed red. Her nervous blush didn't go down her neck and form an inverted red triangle between her breasts. She was very excited, if my sense of smell wasn't failing me.

I was sure she was going to ask me and though she hadn't noticed, I had already unzipped my fly and taken myself out for her. But I soon regretted it, she was going to chicken out. She admitted it was too much for her to ask me. She looked down into my white dress shirt.

'You don't need to ask me, just look down....' But her head snapped up to my face, her brows crossed in question. 'It's already out, if you want to see it, look down. If not turn around and I'll put it back away.' Her eyes didn't leave mine and I could see the possibilities crossing her mind. A decision was made and she closed her eyes and tilted her head down. As I reached down to put myself back she suddenly drew a breath so deep it made my lungs hurt. She arched her back but her head was still down and I knew her eyes were open, looking at my penis.

I reached out and grabbed her by the arms to steady her as she almost fell. When she could stand on her own I put myself away and apologized. This wasn't the effect I'd hoped for. She got her voice back and told me it was ok, she had had a minor panic attack that ended in an unexpected orgasm. That floored me! She looked back down and asked why I put it away.

'If you'd like to see it again, I think it would be better if you took it out.' She considered only a second or two and approached me, reaching for my belt. In a second my pants were down to mid thigh and my penis was between her two hands. Before long, she had knelt down in front of me and really began inspecting me, studying every inch, every vein, as if she'd really never seen one before.

'I'm not allowed to do this with Chris, we have to be in the dark. Even when I do other things to him I don't get to see it very well. And he doesn't like my questions about it.' I stood watching her utter fascination with me, it was such an incredible rush. I started pushing precum to the point it was dripping nearly steadily out of me. 'Can I taste that,' she asked watching it stretch and drip in front of her.

'You may do anything you like, just pretend I'm not here.' She took the drop on her fingertip and looked surprised when she tasted it. Then she grabbed me at the base and milked more out of me onto her finger tips. It was the first time she touched me firmer than a caress and I about came right there.

'Why do you taste so sweet?' And she stood up, but never let go of me. I was already late leaving, and I really needed to go. Just the feeling of being in her hand, so gently caressed, was driving me to the edge.

'Diet has a lot to do with it. You're going to wind up with a mess all over your shirt if....'

'I don't care!'

'I told you if you let me show you, I'd let you watch. Next time I'll let you finish if you like,' And I replaced her hand with mine and smoothly stroked myself, sliding fingers along my shaft from the ridge of the head to the base. She recognized by my breathing that I wasn't going to last much longer, she squatted back down in front of me and cupped her hands. I was only too happy to shoot right into her palm. A spot landed near her thumb, a little aways from the main puddle of semen, and she licked that away and asked me again why I was so sweet, and dipped a finger to taste more.

'The secret is fruits in the diet,' I explained. 'An old wives tale I read said fruit and fruit juices, especially the sweetest fruits like pineapple and pineapple juice. It's got something to do with the way the body processes the natural sugars. I drink at least two glasses of pineapple juice a day if I can't get fresh fruits. If I'm expecting to spend the night with someone, I avoid the bitter vegetables like Brussels sprouts, spinach and asparagus, even though I love them. I avoid coffee and beer too. I'm guessing Chris is pretty bitter with as much as he drinks, isn't he?'

'He expects me to swallow, but it makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.' Before she stood back up, she wiped the rest of my semen off on her pants. Seeing another drop remaining at the tip of the head, she took it on her finger and rubbed it onto her lips like she was applying lipstick. Then stood up, smiled and licked her lips. I don't think she realized how hot a move that really was.

I bent to hug her after zipping up, I always hugged her good bye. But this time she turned her head and kissed me. When I pulled back, I licked my lips and was rewarded with tasting myself there from her lips.

That was the start of many fun visits after that. Sadly, she would never allow me to touch her, nor would she finish me when she played with my penis. She liked to caress me, then watch me, and as much as she didn't like her husband, she wouldn't go far enough to do anything that she considered cheating. She enjoyed tasting as much of my precum as she could. She occasionally would taste more of my semen. Three times she had me masturbate into a glass and she drank it in front of me. This lasted for several months until one morning she got a little emotional and told me that she was leaving her job. This meant she wouldn't be able to see me anymore. It took a long time to forget about her. I really missed her friendship and the lunches we shared together.



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