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A true story from Cornwall, England 1980


It was during a family holiday, and I was 15. We had been on the sheltered, sandy beach, and I'd been in the sea most of the day. The surf was great, and it had been a hot day.

Later in the day, I decided to explore some of the caves, which were scattered all along the beach, under the enormous granite cliff that gives Cornwall its fabulous coastline.

I eventually came to a cave with a narrow entrance, but which, once inside, opened out wider and led back deep into the granite cliffs.

Although initially dark, my eyes adjusted quickly, and I found I could see quite a way in.

At this point, the thought occurred to me that this would be a great place to have a quick wank.

So, to ensure I wasn't caught, I positioned myself behind a large boulder, so that if anyone did enter the cave, I could hide myself.

My heart beating, I quickly pulled down my damp swimming trunks and dropped them on a small rock. I remember how small my cock was, having been in the cold Atlantic Ocean for most of the day - and my balls were almost completely disappeared.

It took me several minutes of careful encouragement to bring my private parts back to life. Eventually, I was able to begin masturbating properly, pumping away at my awakening cock as I stood completely naked, legs slightly apart. The sound of my balls slapping against my hand echoed around the cool damp cave, and soon my cock was proudly stiff and erect, its purple head glistening with a coating of pre cum in the filtered sunlight.

Within a few minutes, I let out a gasp, as I released my load. My teen hormones raging, I remember thrusting my hips forward, as the first stream of creamy, hot semen squirted out,making and audible 'ssshhhwww' sound. I watched it fly about 4 feet before splashing over some small, rounded rocks. Then another equally impressive ejaculation followed, as I let out a moan of pleasure, and then a third gush of spunk, all squirting out over the rocks.

The powerfull sensations almost knocked me off my feet, and I remember taking a couple of steps backwards to regain my balance, as my eager cock continued to pump out more cum, which although not as powerful, still covered the sandy floor I was standing on.

Finally, I was spent, and stood panting, gazing around, with pleasure, at the fine load I had deposited around the cave, my hand still gripping my throbbing cock, which was dribbling hot cum over my fingers.

Then, from a few feet away, further back in the cave, I heard movement. In panic, I looked into the gloom, to suddenly see 2 girls emerging from behind a large granite boulder.

Both were barefoot, wearing bikinis, one was blonde, the other darker, both aged about 16 or 17 I guess.

I was so stunned that all I could do was simply stand there like a statue, as these to pretty girls came towards me, stepping carefully over the rocks - in fact stepping on the same rocks I had ejaculated over a few moments before.

Now they were stood in front of me, looking down at my still dripping cock, with my wet fingers grasping it. I couldnt speak, and must have looked so stupid.

Then, with a giggle, the blonde said, 'Nice cock'. The other laughed, and said, ' We enjoyed that. I've never watched a boy wanking before'.

I gave a sheepish smile, totally embarrassed now.

Then, they turned and picked their way out of the cave, leaving me still dumbstruck.

Just before they reached the cave entrance, they stopped, and the blonde called back, ' Next time you can watch us!'.

With their giggles still echoing around the cave, they were gone.

In the years since this incident I have often used it as a masturbation fantasy, and have imagined so many other variations of what might have happened.

In one version, I let them stand in front of me as I masturbate again, and spray them with my hot cream.

In another, they remove their bikinis, and let me watch them masturbate themselves and each other. I imagine they are both completely naked, and their breasts are full and firm, thier nipples hard and erect. They are both shaven ,and let me see their hot tight pussies close up.

In yet another version, they are again naked, and both bend over and lean against a boulder,their backs to me, legs apart, allowing me to finger their tight cunts until I have them both groaning and dripping as they cum on my fingers.

And then, I imagine my 15 year old self plunging my virgin cock into their tight holes, alternating between them as they moan with pleasure, until the blonde is the lucky one, and gets my hot, creamy spunk filling her up.

I often wonder about those girls - where are they now.............?



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