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'Cause I've Just Discovered!

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Push yourself as far a you can go!!! Love yourself and your body and it will love you back!


I had my first orgasm when I was eleven, (and by the looks of this website I was a little late in years).
I have only just been a recent visitor to this amazing site as I have currently been obsessed with sex with males, females and 'anything' I thought could please me! I came across the very many listings of the toothbrush technique and was intrigued by it.
So I took my golden moment, the house empty 'n all. I lit some candles, (strangely enough I put on B****** song 'Touch of my hand'. I thought this was appropriate to what I was going to do!)
I started to touch my self in all the right places; gently brushing every part of body till it didn't tingle anymore (on my skin). As usual I started playing with my breasts (34 D), pinching and squeezing till I started to get an 'itch'. I slowly enough went down caressing all around. I got my toothbrush (I hadn't taken the head off but I had softened the bristles a little in warm water) & then went to work on the outside. Then I gently put the vibrating head on the hood of my clitoris. And then a different, unusual feeling came over so fast. Like burning not usually the feeling I get from my orgasms (they were what I thought intense) but this sensation burning in me was rising FAST, my whole body 'shaking' and 'twitching' (this had never happened before) it was like the whole orgasm releasing in my entire body it was an amazing and shocking feeling. When I was climaxing (the best I ever had) I seemed to squirt or is that the correct word? I was quite shocked by this and stopped dead in my tracks! I just laid there in my bed, amazed by the feeling that had just swept over me & the newest body reaction to my intense delivering. I dared not get up and look, I just sat there confused but happy. I eventually, 3 minutes later got up to look at the 'Reaction'. I was astounded by the result on my bed clothes.
1. And now I wonder what it was, was it urine or something else?
2. Can I control this 'orgasm' with out all the mess to clean up afterwards?
3. Was it a multiple orgasm I wonder?
4. Or was this my first ever experience of an orgasm, where woman supposed to 'gush' like this every climax?
But I have to say I am not ashamed by my reaction, more interested to learn more about it!
I have one thing else to say. I feel like I have taught my self to fly!
I'd like to thank the creator of the site and the submitters who gave me the idea.
Got to go, I have to clean up; I hope my parents don't ask me about my newly cleaned bed sheets LOL!!!



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