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After weeks of daring to, I finally got "caught" masturbating


My wife and I have always been open and honest about our sex life, including masturbation. In fact my wife is the only woman I've been with who openly admitted she masturbates. Thankfully this was a massive turn on for us both, but other than during foreplay we had never masturbated in front of each other. It was an open secret that I used to masturbate when she was in the shower (assuming we hadn't had sex that morning) and we often used to talk about what she might do if she saw me/caught me wanking off.

Apart from one Sunday afternoon where I was just getting started (had nipped upstairs for an afternoon snooze) when I heard her coming in the room and I panicked and lost my bottle, the opportunity never arose for her to catch me - even though she knew I generally masturbated on a Sunday morning when she took the kids downstairs. Still, during sex or mutual masturbation she would often talk about me wanking and liking to watch me (I often would finish off over her breasts - she has GG breasts which even after 14 years I am fascinated with!) but never was the opportunity for her to catch me. I decided to crank things up a notch and engineer a situation where she would "catch" me.

One weekend morning, when the kids were staying at their Grandparents' my wife got up to take an early shower (she had an early appointment with her singing group) and as per the norm I woke with my cock twitchy with sleepy stiffness. Upon hearing the shower turn on, I slowly moved my hand down towards my cock to give a few lazy strokes.. I suddenly realised that this was the perfect opportunity - no one else in the house, no reason for me to be up and as it was a Summer's morning, the windows were open and the sound of the busy road outside was me perfect cover for "not hearing her come in"

The next challenge was to keep myself hard, but not go too far as to cum before she was out the shower - being an expert masturbater for the last 20 years I normally finish off within a minute or two (normally against the clock of the kids getting up etc) so resorted to the occasional stroke, whilst also fantasising about what might happen if I actually went through with it.

Finally, with my cock primed, I heard the distinctive sound of the shower turning off and the bathroom taps going on. I knew at this point there was less than a minute to wait until my Wife was back in our room (the door was as always, ajar so there was no chance of here seeing/hearing anything before she was in the room and my hard cock was in full view).... After what seemed like an age, the bathroom door clicked open and I felt the butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding. Was I really going to do this? Let someone catch me in the most intimate of acts? I tried not to get too excited by the prospect as the last thing I wanted was my wife catching me in the act of "cleaning up". I decided it was now or never - I threw the duvet off and out of reach (thus removing any chance of a last minute panic and retreat), closed my eyes and starting wanking for all I was worth. I heard the familiar creak of floorboard as my wife entered the room....... "Huh?.......wow........nice!" Was what I heard as I opened my eyes and saw my wife standing over me with a big grin on her face.

"I can't believe you're doing that" I stalled. "Looks like you need some help" I smiled She sat down on the bed, moved her towel exposing those wonderful GGs and moved my hand away from my twitching cock. She leaned forward so I could stroke her big tits as she wrapped her hand around my cock. Unsurprisingly it didn't take long before the butterflies returned and I could feel the swell of my orgasm. Within a few strokes my cock erupted in a way I hadn't seen since I was a teenager - covering me, my wife's hand and her tits in my hot cum.

I collapsed back on to the bed, utterly spent and writhing in pleasure. I had finally done it, I had been caught masturbating and it was every bit as good as I had hoped. My wife cleaned us both up, and continued to get dressed shooting me a cheeky smile every so often. Going forward, there were many more masturbation related incidents involving both of us AND a friend which I'll share if you want me to. Hope you enjoyed my story.



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