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Caught With a Face-full

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Read my technique: Face Full


I started wanking about 5 years ago(Im 18 now). When I started jacking off, I only liked to use my right hand and be holding a heap off porn in my left. But after I came across websites like JackinWorld and SoloTouch, I started to use variations, and even tried out my left hand! This is how once I went too far and got caught.

I always wanted to eat, or even taste, my own cum. It looked heaps cool when girls did it on porn sites. Everytime, before I jacked off, I promised myself I would taste it. But whenever I finished, I just told myself it was a crazy idea and only gay guys do it(I dont have anything against gays by the way).

So, one day, fed up of my false promises, I told myself I was GOING to eat my cum. So, I started wanking, came all over my hand and put it right up to my face. It was literally almost touching my lips, when I told myself to forget it, and cleant up.

I had to develop a new stratagy. I sat down and thought. Then I had it. Thhe perfect plan. If I couldn't eat it when I wasnt horney, why dont I save it and eat it the next time I was? It seemed perfect. I jacked off and came in a bottle. I set it aside for later. But the next day, when I was all horneyd up, I looked at the cum. It was all dry, and smelled off. Yuk! There was no way I was going to eat that stuff!

New plan. I had to eat the cum when I was horney and the cum was fresh. Just like the girls on porn videos did. Aha!!! I got it this time. The best plan. What if I had the cum straight out of my dick? It could work. Again, I jacked myself up, aimed my dick at my mouth and came. Only, it didnt even make it to my chin. I cleant up and went back to the drawing board.

Again, new plan. I wasnt going to give up so easily. After a while of thinking, I got it. If I had to eat the cum when I was horney and when the cum was fresh, and I couldnt cum all the way up to my mouth, what if I came down to my mouth? It was worth a shot. I lied down on the floor, flipped my legs over and opened my mouth. Then I wanked. And I wanked and I wanked and I wanked. It took longer then usuall, probably because I was uncomfy, had no porn, and was looking right at my dick. Finally, I orgasmed. I came. Right into my mouth. It wouldnt stop. It just kept on cumming. After 2 years, I was finally tasting my cum. It was hot in my mouth, and a little salty. I was 15 when I accomplished this feat.

I started to use this method everytime my parents were out. I loved it! Sometimes all the cum went straight into my mouth. Sometimes I missed and it went on my face. But watever it was, I felt great.

Now how I got caught. Once, when I was 16, I desperatly needed to wank. I was soo horney. The girl I liked, we'll call her Sue, (moms friends daughter)came over by to give my mom the movie she wanted from Sue's mom. I dont think she knew I had the hots for her (I still do), but her curves were perfect. 32C cup (I know-when I went to her house once, I went through her dirty underwear), and an amazing ass.

She was talking to me and my mom, when I excused myself. I went to the toilet and started to jack off, picturing her perfect ass, when I thought I would flip over and taste my cum too.

Anyway, I was about to cum all over my face, when I turned arouned and saw Sue looking right at me. I couldnt stop and came all over my face. I was stunned. She saw everything. I jumped up, forgetting everything else except her and my cum covered face. I even forgot I was wearing pants. She apologised and said she should have knocked first. She took one look at me, looked down at my dick, and walked out. After I regained concousness, I cleaned up and went to look for Sue.

She was still at my place. Her mom came out of the car to see what was taking so long, and started up a conversation with my mom at the porch. Sue was in the family room. I sat down. She couldnt even look at me. I apologised.

'Im sorry you had to see that' I said.

'Dont be. I do it too' Now this really got me going.

'You wanna do it together?'

'Mabey. Some day.'

Its been 2 years since then. Me and Sue are going out. We havent done anything sexual, but when we do, Ill let you guys know. Happy wanking!



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