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Caught White-handed

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I work for a fairly large company, and the office I work in has about 50 people. The office is divided into cubicles. We often work in teams on projects, and recently I was working on a team of six people who are all in my general area. One of these people is a girl named Michelle, who sits close to me.

Michelle is quite a bit younger than me, but I've had the hots for her for a long time. Can't say it's reciprocal, though sometimes I wonder (wish?). Michelle is a brunette with a nice body and small to medium sized, firm tits. She often wears tops that are kind of revealing, especially if I'm standing over her looking at something on her computer with her. I wonder if she knows I'm doing it. When looking down her shirt I'm sometimes able to see almost her whole tit, but not quite the nipple. I'm working on that. At times when I'm doing that I get so horny that I have to go to the bathroom and jack off thinking about Michelle.

Anyway, the project we were working on at the time was a pretty important one for me, and my tasks were quite a bit behind schedule. Now it's not uncommon for us to work weekends when we get behind. Sometimes a group of us will make plans to work the weekend, and sometimes just one person will go in. I had not made plans with anyone and decided that I would go into work on a Saturday and knock some tasks off to try to get back on schedule.

I had been at work for about an hour when I started to get the itch. I'm not able to access any sites that would assist me at work, but I did have some pictures of Michelle on my computer that I pulled up. Those did the trick, and before long I was hard as a rock. I was sitting in my cubicle, and even though there was no one else around, I wasn't quite comfortable at first. I just undid my belt and opened the top of my pants and zipper and took my cock out. I had some lotion in my drawer so I lubed up my hard cock.

While looking at her pictures I was imagining Michelle joining me and showing me her pert titties and erect nipples while I stroked my cock and she rubbed her hairy pussy.

It wasn't long before I was feeling more relaxed and decided to let my pants fall all the way to the floor. I lifted my shirt over my head so I had a bare stomach and chest in case I shot my load that way. I was getting really close to exploding, but I'd stop just before. I did this several times, and the precum was dripping down my shaft. I couldn't hold it anymore and was about to shoot my wad onto my stomach when I heard someone in the room. I hadn't heard them come in the door, probably because my mind was far away. I was already past the point of no return, so there was no stopping my load. I leaned forward in my chair and held out the hand that wasn't busy. I was in the midst of shooting a huge load into my hand when I looked up and saw Michelle standing in the next cubicle looking over the wall right at me.

Needless to say we were both stunned. Her mouth was wide open as she stared at my exploding cock in my hand. All I could say was, Oh shit! It seemed like hours that we were stuck like that, though it was only seconds. I felt really foolish. Not only was I caught with my cock in one hand and my cum in the other, but my computer screen had a picture of Michelle in full screen mode. I don't think she noticed that as she was distracted by the situation.

She turned and went to her desk as I grabbed some tissue, wiped up and got dressed. I went over and apologized profusely. She said there was no need to apologize, everyone does it. She said she was sorry she embarrassed me by walking in on me.

It's been about a month and she hasn't mentioned it since. I haven't had the balls to bring it up either, but I would like to talk to her about it. Maybe it would get her hot, and maybe next time we could do it together.



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