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Caught Twice Then Friend Helped

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I couldn't believe my luck! But at the end of this post things got better


I was 13 at the time when this went down and I couldn't believe my luck being caught twice in a week. You see at home the only time I got to masturbate was either when no one was home, in the shower or in my room at night before bed and this wasn't good enough for me, I wanted to masturbate more. So I got the idea of finding places to jack off.

For 13 I was just your typical average guy, Shaved brown hair, green eyes, average build and already had gone through puberty even though I shaved my pubes with six inches of uncircumcised dick.

Mum was home and I found myself horny but I knew I couldn't masturbate with her there due the lack of privacy. So I went for a bike ride trying to find myself a private area somewhere for me to masturbate. I found myself at the local caravan park and it struck me that they had shower/toilet block. I began to feel my dick harden so I had locked up my bike outside and went inside.

I went to the furthest shower cubicle, took off my clothes and got under the shower and began to rub my hardening dick. It felt awesome due to the fact I had never jacked off anywhere apart from my house. I knelt down and let up against the wall and started slowly jacking myself feeling better with each stroke. I was about half way through and I happened to look up and noticed that there was this old dude in the shower cubicle across from me looking underneath his door and mine watching me. Somehow my dick deflated like a balloon and I felt invaded and grossed out. I stood up put on my clothes and bolted out of there leaving the shower on. I jumped on my bike and headed home. Anyway I had my dinner went for a shower and went to bed thinking of what had happened early. I realised the more I thought about what had happened the more my dick began to rise and I found myself jacking off into the best orgasm I had so far and I also shot my biggest load like seven ropes of cum.

A couple of days later I came home from school feeling extremely horny cause of this girl I liked, I happened to see up her skirt (nice view). But yet again I knew I would get the privacy so I got out of my school clothes and chucked on a shirt and shorts with no underwear got on my bike and went looking for yet another place to masturbate. So I was riding along and I saw the toilet block at the beach so I got off my bike and took it in there with me as I had no chain to lock it up. I decided to go in the disabled toilets, I locked the door behind me and stripped off and sat on the toilet. I looked down at my hardening dick and grabbed it and began to slowly pull my foreskin up and down. I was building up a great orgasm when realising I saw a head poke over the top of the cubicle and yes another dirty old man was watching me but for some reason I stroked myself another couple of times before I realised what was going on and he asked me 'can I come in ?' I obviously said no and with that he left or so I thought. I stroked myself a couple of more times and what happens, he sticks his head back over and asks if he can just watch. I got myself dressed as quick as superman and left.

After that I kind of stopped masturbating for a week until I was at my friends house and told him what had happened and obviously he laughed at me. I was laying on his bed as he walked over to me and placed his hand on my dick and saying 'it's ok'. He started massaging my dick and I must admit it felt great cause I hadn't had a cum in like a week. As my dick became hard he pulled it but from my pants and slowly jerked me off until I shot eight ropes of cumulative on myself and him.

At this time I could see he too was horny as I watched his bulge grow. I slipped my hand up the inside of his pants and played with his dick through his boxers. He played down I removed his dick from his boxers and I jacked him off until he came six ropes of thick cum everywhere. We lay there and recovered and masturbated each other another three times. We were covered in each others cum the whole time. We got up went for a shower to clean up and played video games and had one last jack off session before we went to bed. We had seen each other naked way before this like when we were kids.

This is a true story, it did happen. Hope you had a great orgasm to my contribution. Enjoy



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