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Caught Twice

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Caught Twice
A couple of weeks ago my parents had gone to a company picnic and my sisters went shopping so after taking a shower I decided to use the computer and surf the net.I was wearing my bathrobe but after getting onto a couple of adult sites I opened it up and was playing with my cock as I surfed around,figuring I'd have a couple of hours before anyone got home.Our computer is down in the basement rec-room and I never heard my sisters come home.
 I was sitting there moving from one picture to the next with my erection in my left hand moving it just enough to keep it hard.I figured I had a while and didn't want to cum to soon.Then I got that feeling like I wasn't alone and turned my head to see both my sisters standing there watching me.I quickly let go of my cock and tryed to cover up but I knew that they had seen what I was doing and to make it worse my erection wasn't going away, my bathrobe was standing up like there was a tent pole under it.They both just stood there smiling and finally my twin said that it looked like I had been having quite a bit of fun while they were gone.All I could do was smile.
 Our older sister then said that maybe I should go do sometime about my problem.I got up and tried to hide the fact that I was still hard by holding my robe closed but as I walked past them my twin said that if I didn't want them to tell our parents I should give her the robe and finish what I was doing in front of them.They grinned at each other and said they'd like to see a guy doing it.Knowing my sisters I had no doubt they'd tell on me and I didn't want to have to deal with our parents about someting like that.I just didn't have a choice and asked what they wanted me to do.
 Kim my twin said that she just wanted to see me jack off and after I was done I could go about my own business.She held out her hand and I knew that she wanted the robe so I took it off and gave it to her.Both of them looked down at my erect dick and giggled and then moved over and sat down on the couch.Kim told me to come over and stand in front of them and start.I was really embarrassed now but also found it very exciting as I walked toward them with my cock swaying from side to side.I started pulling on my dick and they watched intently as I slowly beat off for them.It didn't take very long and I felt myself tense up knowing I was about to cum.I tried to catch it in my other hand but I came so much and so hard that some of it landed on the floor.Kim gave me back my robe and told me to wipe it up,but as I bent down she asked how long before I could do it again.
 I told her that it all depended on how excited I was.She smiled and leaned over and whispered something in our sister's ear.Mary had kind of a startled look on her face, but then she grinned and whispered something back.I was still standing in front of them and my dick was still semi-hard,not going back to it's normal size yet.Kim then said that they wanted me to do it again but that they were going to help me along.Mary took off her t-shirt and sat there in her bra while Kim stood up and undid her jeans and let them fall to around her ankles.She said that she hoped that helped and I should begin again.My dick was now going back to its full size and again I started jacking off.Mary had on a plain white bra that wasn't much different than a swimming suit top but Kim was wearing a pair of semi-transparent blue panties that showed the shadow of her pubic hair and thats what I concentrated on as I pulled on my dick.
 After about a minute Mary asked if I wanted to see more.She then pulled one of her tits out of her bra and kept it cupped in her hand.This drew my attention away from Kim's panties and made my hand move a little faster.By now I was really ejoying this and had to make myself slow down.Kim seeing that I was now looking at her sister's tit pulled her panties down enough that the top of her bush was just visable above the tops.When Mary saw that I was now looking at Kim she pulled her other tit out into the open and then took her bra off completely.Kim then stood up and removed her shoes and pulled her jeans off and then her top.She started to sit back down and as she did she took off her bra and let her tits free.Mary then stood up and took off her pants too. By now I was back to full size and standing in front of my half nude sisters jerking off for the second time.I was taking my time not wanting this to get over to fast.Both of their tits were about the same size but Kim's nipples looked almost twice the size of her sister's,like a large pencil eraser.Kim made the next move,raising her ass up off the couch and pulling her panties off.This made me almost forget about Mary even though Kim kept her legs closed and all I could see was her full bush.Mary was next and as she removed her panties I saw that she had neatly trimmed her pubic hair into a small triangle above her slit.The two of them seemed to be compeating to see who I would watch as I pulled on my cock.Mary now slowly opened her thighs and allowed me to see her inner lips and hooded clit.I was now having a hard time keeping myself from cumming.Kim had also spread her legs but because of her untrimmed bush her pussy was not as open to view as was Mary's.
 This went on for a few more minutes and then Kim stood up and moved over next to me.By now Mary had reclined on the couch and had put one leg up over the back and had her hands buried in her crotch.Slowly I pulled on my dick as I watched my older sister masturbate just a few feet away.Kim was by now pulling on her own nipples with one hand and had the other buried in her own bush.We watched our sister while standing side by side both of us working towards our own orgasms.I was getting close to cumming for the second time watching Mary's finger move in and out of her open pussy and hearing Kim's labored breathing.Kim then put her hand over mine and moved along as I jerked off,but when I moved my hand out of the way she took over without missing a stroke.I couldn't hold out any longer and started spurting long long strings of cum all over everything including Mary laying on the couch.
The next thing I knew I heard someone say "what the hell is going on" and turned around to see our mother standing in the rec-room doorway.



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