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Caught Them Nude at Last !

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I married right out of college at age 22, my wife was barely 20. Both of us were too young and inexperienced, and the marriage didn't last.

My wife had two sisters: Marie, six years younger, and Ann, ten years younger than my wife. At our wedding, Marie and Ann were the centers of attention. Marie was only sixteen at the time, but she already had a knockout figure. She could have been a centerfold in any man's magazine. She was 5'6', 105 lbs, long dark brown hair, and believe it or not, 34DD-25-34. She literally stopped traffic at age fourteen as her stunning chest attracted stares from everyone. By the time she was fifteen, she started wearing sweatshirts, baggy tops, and pants everywhere. She just got tired of men and women both staring at those fabulous firm breasts on such a trim, slim body. I only saw her once in a one piece swimsuit, and ' Hollywood hourglass figure' is the only way to describe how she looked.

Ann was about the same height, but only 34A-24-34. Ann had great legs and even at age fifteen loved to prance around in skyscraper platform sandals wearing thigh-high mini-skirts that barely covered her panties.

While dating my 'wife to be', I couldn't keep my eyes off these two. It should have told me something regarding my marriage, but I was too young. I satisfied my curiousity about these two by sneaking into their lingerie drawers and finding out their bra and panty sizes; which I did whenever my wife and I were over visiting her family after our wedding. But, how I wanted to see them nude!

After nine years of marriage, I finally got my chance. My wife and I had moved into a small town about 250 miles away from her childhood home. We seldom saw her family. But, when our second child son was born; her sisters wanted to come and visit. By this time, Marie was 25 and Ann 21. Both of them still looked great. They would stay, with their boyfriends, at a ski cabin about ten miles from our home. While the boyfriends were off skiing in the woods, they would come by to see my wife and the baby.

On the day they arrived, events happened quickly. My wife, a nurse, got called into the hospital to work just as the visit started. But, she asked me; would it be all right for her sisters to take showers in our bathroom? The cabin they were staying in didn't have a shower or tub and they had been in the woods two days already.

Man, did I luck out! I had been remodelling the bathroom, and had removed the forced air heat duct work that went to the register for the bathroom. The register was on the wall of the stairs leading to the basement. I already knew that simply by standing on the basement stairs with the lights out, I could peer through the register louvers and see everything...and I mean everything...going on in the bathroom. As long as I didn't turn on the stairway light, people using the bathroom would never know the register was disconnected and they were being spied on.

I readily agreed they could take showers! My wife split for work, happy I was being so gracious to her sisters. Ann went to shower first, while Marie played with the baby. Not one minute after Ann entered the bathroom, I was standing on the basement stairs, looking through the louvers at the sight of my nude sister-in-law using the toilet. Her breasts were 34B now, and stuck straight...and I mean straight out. Her stomach was flat, her legs perfect, and my cock was starting to grow. Too quickly though, she finished using the toilet, then stepped to the tub to get the shower going. Not three feet in front of my face was a perfect ass on top of those gorgeous legs. I could have reached out and touched it if the louvers weren't in the way. I was stroking like mad; hoping to cum, when she stepped over the tub, grabbed the shower curtain and closed it. The show was over.

I returned to the front room where Marie was playing with the baby, and carried on some mindless conversation; wondering if and when I would get a chance to see Marie. 30 minutes later, after Ann finished and the water had re-heated, Marie went in the bathroom. I told Ann I was working on something in the basement and would be back in a few minutes. She was happy with the baby and frankly wouldn't have cared if I was there or not.

I went right back to the register on the stairway, and there was Marie sitting on the toilet, nude directly in front of my face. I had waited years to see this and was stunned at what I saw. Her breasts were spectacular! 34DD, pointing straight out..the proverbial 'brick shithouse' chest if they ever was one. She could have made hundreds of thousands in nude modelling. Dark brown aerolas about the size of fifty cent pieces, with thick nobby dark nipples...I still remember them today.

I was mesmerized, awe-struck by her. Flat stomach, gorgeous legs...my cock was on fire, growing rock hard. I began stroking, not too fast, trying to cum before she too stepped into the shower, but not so fast that I missed the show. Suddenly, she was done with the toilet; and standing not two feet in front of me with her perfect ass, shapely legs, and heavy-hangers breasts pointing straight down as she adjusted the shower temperature. Pre-cum oozed like mad out of the head of my cock; I was stroking faster and faster; thinking 'this is it, I'm going to cum' when she stepped into the tub and pulled the shower curtain. Show over ...again!

I was puffing on the stairway, leaking all over, and thinking I had to get back to Ann and the baby. My balls ached, but after a time, my cock subsided enough to be tucked back into my pants and back upstairs I went. More mindless small talk.

After ten minutes, the shower stopped. Dare I try for one last shot? Yes, I had to. Making another excuse, I left Ann and went back to the register.

Marie was done with the shower, and had a towel wrapped around her head. That's all...she was nude standing in front of the mirror over the sink, off a little to my left. I remembered seeing countless pictures in men's magazines of gorgeous women posed exactly like this, and here she was right in my house, not three feet away from my face! She was doing something to her face, probably make-up, but I didn't care. Her gorgeous body was mine to see and enjoy. Out came my rock hard cock, leaking like mad. I began stroking with a vengeance, determined to finish the job. I did, shooting at least five bursts of jism all over the stairway wall while I stared at her humongous tits, flat stomach, and perfect ass and legs. I was breathless, my knees were shaking, and I was sweating all over. It was a long time before I had an orgasm like that one every again! Seconds after I finished, Marie did too. She dryed off, encased those beautiful breasts in a plain white bra; threw on a sweatshirt, panties, and pants, and the show really was over.

My wife and I divorced a few years after this. I saw both Ann and Marie at a funeral a few years after that. Ann has three kids, now young teens. She is still slim, but very tired from having a job and three kids. Her glory days are long past.

Marie married late; moved across the country, and now has two young kids. Sadly, having children and working were not kind to her. Her stomach and ass 'caught up' to her breasts, and the hourglass figure is long gone. She's a 'round apple', as the ladies say.

During and right after the divorce though, I had many a good cum thinking of that day on the stairway!



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