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Caught , Teased by Wife and Girlfriends

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I have been a closet lingerie wearer almost as long as I can remember. Before this incident, the only woman to catch me masturbating in her underwear was my mother. I was dressed in her bra, panties, garter belt and nylons. She was a little shocked at first but very understanding of my fetish. She would let me have all her used underclothing as she tired of it. We both agreed my father did not need to know about it.

She would even buy me silky panties and lace garter belts for my birthday as a special treat. I had my own special drawer of frilly things growing up. My mother helped me fill my special drawer. My fetish has stayed with me ever since.

One day, when my wife was away, I was getting myself ready for a good masturbation session. I did not have any reason to expect her home early. I was on the bed wearing her dark, sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and one of her black bras on. I was feeling very sexy. I had already printed out pictures of couples having sex while both the guys and the girls were wearing pantyhose. I had the pictures spread out all over the bed. I had a raging hard-on poking up thru the dark sheer hose. I was working my cock from the outside of the hose. The friction of the hose on my cock was driving me crazy.

Some precum started coming out. I rubbed the head of my cock some more to get it coming out even more. With the hose getting all wet, I put some precum up to my mouth. This was making me hotter. Just knowing I was tasting my own precum. I keep on doing it. The more I tasted, the more would come out. Mmmm. I was enjoying it, especially the flavor.

Then I got my hand wet from my mouth. Under the hose I went. One wet hand under the hose and one rubbing thru the hose. God... I was just about to burst. My body was trembling and at the verge of orgasm. Just then, I heard my wife's voice say, 'So this is what you do while I'm at work.' I knew I was busted. However, I was torn between one of the best orgasms ever and trying to cover up. I guess I figured what the hell. So I just said 'I'll be done in a minute' and keep right on going at it. She watched me from the doorway. Maybe it was bit of an exhibitionist thing for me. I beat myself off until I shot my entire load up through her pantyhose.

By then, she was standing directly over me. I was wasted at that point. She reached down to the hose and swiped some of my cum with her fingers. Then she put her wet fingers to my mouth and said, 'Lick it off, lick it all off.' I did as she ordered. Then she reached under my hose and got even more. 'Since you like tasting your cum you can drink any that drips out, from now on', she said. With that she put a large juicy handful into my mouth. 'Lap it up you little pervert.' I had to obey her. After that, she ordered me to take off all her clothes. I knew this was the beginning of trouble.

She ordered me to tell her everything about my fetish. So I did. I told her every detail. I told her how my mother had found me in the very same position and how my mother was very understanding about it; how my mother even provided me with some of her things; how I was allowed to wear some of her things under my boy clothes. She told me that she was not my mother. She informed me that from now on things are going change around here. She told me first thing was that would have to buy my own and pantyhose and underwear. I was not to use her's to cum in any more. She told me she was really going to have fun telling all her girl friends of her cum-drinking, pantyhose-wearing, sissy, husband. Her sister and her mother were going to be the first ones she was going to tell. I begged her not too but she reminded me that she could also tell my friends or coworkers just as easily. I was screwed. With that, she handed me back the cum-soaked pantyhose and said, 'Finish cleaning these of with your tongue and then wash all my things.'

That next weekend she took me shopping. She walked up to a young sales girl in the lingerie department. She told her about my fetish and that I needed to get all my own lady's underwear. She said she did not want me messing up her's anymore. The strange look on her quickly turned into a big smile. 'I understand,' she said. She grabbed a tape measure and began sizing me. They both walked me all thru the department picking out all my new underwear. I ended up with 12 pairs of panties, gobs of packs of pantyhose and two bras with B-cup falsies. As we checked out my wife said out load, so every one could hear 'This is all you are ever to wear under your clothes and around the house, from here on out.' I could hear giggles coming from all the women at the checkout. I heard one woman say, 'That's what all men really need.' As embarrassed as I was, I could feel myself getting hard and very damp. I almost could not wait to get home to put some of my new underwear on.

That was over two years ago. Now, she has me dressed head to toe as a woman, whenever I am at the house. She has me doing all the housework now. My duties include being a house servant to her and all her girl friends. She likes calling me her sissy girlfriend in front of her friends. They all just love to chuckle at that. Her girl friends all have fun lifting my skirt up. They like checking to see what color and style panties I am wearing or to see if I'm only wearing my sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose. They even call me Bobbie, the feminine version of Bob (not my real name). There is still much more to this bizarre story, so I will have to do a Part 2, coming very soon. She has total and absolute control over me. I love it. In Part 2, I will give details about all the bizarre things she has made me do for the past two years.



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