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Caught Stroking in my Van

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My lunch hour emergency masturbation session was interrupted.


As a married 30-something dad in 1998, I enjoyed sex with my spouse, but my ongoing enjoyment of masturbation persisted. While online porn was available, I still enjoyed my lovely collection of men's magazines ---many Hustlers, and a mixed bag of several other titles, which I kept hidden from my wife at home.

During a hot summer morning at work, I was nearly overcome by my desire to masturbate. Perhaps other Solo Touch readers are familiar with this feeling. I knew that if I did not relieve this tension, I would have great difficulty concentrating on my work in the afternoon.

Once the clock struck 12, I jumped in my company-supplied minivan and made a quick trip to the local Adult Bookstore where I purchased of a few of the magazine value-packs . For those unfamiliar with value-packs, they were three old-stock skin magazines wrapped in clear plastic. Generally the bundle of three would cost the same as two current-issue mags.
Sufficiently stocked with a decent cache of new stroking material, I aimed my van toward a large vacant lot nearby. I parked in the middle of the flat, unpaved lot. My van had three rows of seats, and darkly tinted windows. My plan was to retreat from the driver seat to one of the rear seats, where I could drop trousers, browse porn, and soil some tissues.

I was well into my session when I was startled by a car door slamming just outside my van. How could a car get so close to my van without my noticing? Obviously, the new porn had me fully engrossed. I love when that happens!

Anyway, it wasn't just any car that pulled up. It was a POLICE CAR. And very quickly, a cop was standing outside my van, looking hard through the darkly tinted glass. It wasn't just a cop either. It was a FEMALE COP!!

I struggled to pull my trousers back up while simultaneously trying to get to the aisle and up to the drivers window. It was not graceful. While I was shuffling to the front of the van, Miss Cop had her hands cupped to the window--she was getting a good look at my Hustlers and other mags (and box of tissue) spread across that bench seat.

Once I got to the driver seat, she motioned for me to roll the window down, which I did. She then demanded my ID, which I produced. OH S__T! ....I was terrified.

Is there anyone else in the car? she asked. No, just me I mumbled
I know what you were doing here she volunteered. Uh huh I grunted.
She then repeated Is there anyone else in the car? I repeated "No ma'am."

Okay then she said. My ID was then returned, she returned to her car, spoke into her radio, and drove off.
Perhaps you are now wondering what I did next. Yes, I returned to the back of my van, and proceeded to soil the tissue ---as was my plan all along.

My sexual tension may have been released, but I must admit that I felt uncomfortably anxious for the rest of the day.
I pretty much decided that day that I need to be more thorough when identifying suitable locations for emergency masturbation sessions---a rule I still abide by today!



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