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Caught Sister-in-Law In My Shower

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caught sister-in-law in my shower
This just happened a few weeks ago! I had just gotten home from work and a long bike ride. I ride to work almost daily, but back to the story! after playing with my brothers dog and cooling off a bit, I heaed inside the house. I checked the living room for any of my family, But no one was home yet (or so I thought).
So, I headed down to the basement where my room is - since my parents had the basement renovated. My room is in the corner, by the laundry room. Between my room and the laundry room, my parents put in a bathroom - which is only accessiable from my room. We have a small bathroom at the other end by the stairs for everyones use. I walked into my room and pulled my sweaty shirt off. That's when I heard the water of my shower. I was a bit puzzled since no one was home. So I walked over to the door and peeked in. Once the steam subsided, I could just make out shadow of my sister-in-law behind the smoked glass. My shower stall is made out of smoked glass and is just a walk in type - no door, just a space between the wall and the glass to enter and exit it!
Anyway, I could see that she was caressing her tits and then her hand went down between her legs. I couldn't tell what she was doing - But just the thought of it had me hard in an instant. So I pulled my cycling shorts off and released my erection from my briefs. I leaned back against the sink and started stroking my cock. I guess I knocked something over sliding against the sink - cause my s-i-law's head came around the glass and she stared at me.
She gave me the come here signal. So I walked over to her, still stroking my cock. She grabbed my free hand and pulled me into the shower with her. The next thing I knew -she leaned into me and kissed me hard. We kissed for a bit and then I started sucking and kissing her neck. I then moved my way down to her tits and down to her crotch. I sucked her and teased her with my tounge. I stood up and she proceeded to kneel down and suck my cock. She then stood up and grabbed my cock and slid it into her tight-pussie. We fucked like that standing up for a time. After many multipal orgasms from each of us - I pulled out of her and knelt down on the floor. She was leaning against the wall with her back and I got down on top of her and re-inserted my cock into her pussie. Then I put it into her ass and got her off that way. We then stood up and she reached over and grabbed the shaving gel and razors. She then put a good glob of gel on her hand and slapped it onto my crotch and full-mass of pubic hair. Without thinking I did the same to her!
Then I aimed the spray at the side wall and we knelt on the floor. We each grabbed a razor and a extra blade and proceeded to shave each others bush of pubic hair off. Once we were both shaved and cleaned up. We got out and dried off. Then we walked into my room and sat on my bed. We talked about alot of stuff and wound up in a fuckfest all over again. We heard the rest of the family come in and quickly got dressed and headed upstairs. After dinner, our entire family sat outside with my other bro and his wife. We did a little swimming and had lots of fun. My bro and wife who dropped by - headed home and we all headed inside. My brother and sister-in-law went to their room and I decided to head to mine. I flipped the TV on and layed on my bed. I was just about to start watching a nudie film on pay per-view, when I heard this banging sound. So I reached for the remote and hit the mute button. What I heard was my bro & s-i-law's bed banging into the wall - So I knew they were fucking each other. I grabbed hold of my prick and it was hard in an instant. Just thinking of my bro sliding in and out of that shaved pussie - I couldn't help but jack off. I was matching my strokes to his and shot my load right about the time they both did.
When my bro is off on business, my sister-in-law and I fuck every night and she has even slept in my bed with me. I also jack-off and have great orgasms just thinking about my s-i-l. She doens't have to ask me to use my shower anymore. I just hope that she'll be using it when I get home from work before anyone else in my house.



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