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Caught Red-Handed!

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My girlfriend and I both found another side to our sex life together. Read on..


Janet and I had been living together for about a year. We both worked long hours during the week and reserved the weekends for ourselves, especially Saturday mornings where we would always have our 'getting it together' time. Usually we wouldn't surface until midday. So you can imagine my surprise on this particular Saturday morning when Janet came in from the shower dressed in a short robe around 8:30 and announced she was meeting her sister at the mall for some girlie shopping. Apparently she'd informed me earlier in the week, but I'd forgotten. As Janet moved around the bedroom in her short robe, those slim tanned legs on display, my cock had already started to harden. I protested that we'd miss out on some intimate time together, but she promised to make it up the following morning. Having dried her hair, Janet slipped on a bra and knickers, short flared skirt and tight tank top. My cock was rock hard by now and I couldn't resist giving it a quick stroke beneath the bed covers.

With full make-up on, Janet sat on the edge of the bed and lifted each leg to put her shoes on affording me a good view up her skirt at her pale blue knickers. I threw the bed covers back sporting a stiff erection and asked if she was going to leave me like this. She replied she was already running late and would 'get back' to me later. Janet left to go shopping leaving me with a stiff cock and just my imagination. I needed some extra stimulus so I grabbed the knickers from the laundry hamper that Janet had taken off before her shower. They were still slightly warm and had her heavenly pussy smell about them. I held them under my nose, lay back on the bed and started stroking my cock. I imagined Janet in her black bra and knicker set, the one she reserved for our intimate time together. They were like a black mesh material, totally see-through and very sexy.

I lay there, eyes closed, stroking my cock whilst smelling Janet's knickers, my hard cock now leaking pre-cum to add some lubrication. "What the hell are you doing?" Janet screamed at me from the bedroom doorway. Startled, I looked up at Janet standing there as I held her knickers under my nose in one hand and my cock in the other. "I get half way to the mall and have my sister call to cancel our trip only to come home and find you wanking with my knickers", she blurted out at me. "Well don't stop on my account, carry on jerking off you WANKER!", she cried at me. "Go on, keep jerking that cock, let's see how quickly you can cum, you WANKER!".

Well, I didn't know whether to be horrified or gratified. So I took Janet's lead and continued stroking my cock and smelling her knickers as she yelled abuse at me. "That's it", she cried, "keep jerking that cock as you sniff my knickers, you DIRTY LITTLE WANKER!". I had to admit I was finding it very much a turn-on as Janet continued verbally abusing me. It had to be the hidden submissive side of me kicking in. "Keep going, let me see you cum, you DIRTY LITTLE WANKER!" Janet yelled at me as I stroked my cock harder and faster. "I suppose you want these dirty knickers too" Janet shouted at me as she lifted her short skirt and showed my her little blue knickers she had only put on a half hour or so ago. "I bet you'd like these knickers nice and wet" Janet said to me as she started rubbing her pussy through the cotton material. "I'll make them wet and smelly for you, you DIRTY WANKER!"

At this point I really wasn't sure if Janet was seriously pissed off with me or playing along. By the look of fury on her face I decided it was the former, however I decided to carry on as I was getting near to orgasm. "Here take these you DIRTY LITTLE WANKER, shoot your dirty man spunk into my knickers", Janet yelled at me as she slid them down and forcefully threw them at me. I grabbed her knickers and wrapped them round my cock jerking furiously. "Yes, that's it WANKER, cum in my knickers" Janet said to me in a kind of 'I dare you to' type voice. By now I could sense that feeling in my groin as my orgasm approached. "Come on WANKER, shoot you dirty spunk in my knickers", Janet continued, "You're just a DIRTY LITTLE WANKER aren't you!" At which point my balls tightened and I shot several spurts of hot spunk into Janet's knickers. "That's it WANKER, cum in my knickers, you DIRTY WANKER!"

Having grabbed her knickers from me, Janet stormed out of the bedroom and downstairs. I felt euphoric from my orgasm and enjoying the verbal abuse, but also very worried that I'd damaged our relationship. I cleaned up, dressed myself and went downstairs to face the music. I need not have been worried, as Janet was laid back on the couch with those spunk filled knickers on, jilling furiously. But that's another story. We are still together though!



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