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Caught 'Red-handed'

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Be careful how you store your files...


This just happened to me a few weeks ago...

I was over at my friend's house, he's a big guy in his late 20's, we both work afternoon shift, and I decided to pop over after my shift one night. 'Big D' works a hard factory job that causes him to sweat up a storm, so he said he had to jump in the shower.

To kill the time, I thought I'd check out his computer, see what games he had (and see what porn he had), and I found an interesting file folder called 'Big D's pictures'. So I opened up this folder, and there was all of D's porn, and he has a lot!

But the one file that caught my eye was one titled 'my cock', and my cock immediately sprang to life at the possibility! I double-clicked it, and sure enough, a picture, probably taken by a web-cam, of Big D's massive hand wrapped around his equally massive prick popped open. Knowing how big D's hands were, his cock must have been at least 8 inches long, and thick as a cucumber! My 7' rod was now at full-mast, as I knew I could watch Big D's porns without fear...

Confident about how things would unfold, I gently rubbed my cock through my pants as I started checking out D's porn collection. After a few minutes my cock ached to be free, forming a huge tent in my pants, but I waited. I kept watching Big D's collection of various woman-on-woman and cumshot compilations, massaging my cockhead through my jeans.

Then I heard it; the shower turned off, and Big D clanging around in the bathroom. Horned up with anticipation, I thought I'd set the stage a bit more by pulling my zipper on my jeans halfway down, and sneaking a few fingers through the hole to rub the shaft of my swollen cock. Another second, and I heard Big D coming out of the bathroom, just as I squeezed my shaft and a clear pearl of precum oozed through my jeans where the head of my cock clearly was.

I called out, 'Hey, D, great collection!', as I pulled my hand out of my pants and smeared the drop of precum around my cockhead on the jeans, making the wet spot even more noticeable. Big D came over to the computer in the living room, wearing just his bathrobe.

'What do you mea-', he began asking, but then he saw one of his pornos playing on the computer screen. He walked over to the computer to stand beside me (I was sitting on the computer chair), and without looking up I said, 'This is a great video, I'll definitely need a copy of this one', and I continued to 'absent-mindedly' rub my cockhead through my jeans. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Big D look down at my hand and see what I was doing, which only made my cock swell even larger, and I'm sure he saw my cock throb through my jeans.

'What else do you have?', I asked, as the video ended and I began browsing through his files again. He didn't say anything, so I pretended I was giving the files a good search, until I found 'my cock', and I said, 'What's this?'

Big D stood there silently as I double-clicked the file, and the picture of him squeezing his massive erection popped into view. Pretending it was my first time seeing it, I said, 'Wow, D, is that you?' Without waiting for an answer, I said, 'You have a massive cock!'

That did something to him, because I could now see his bathrobe begin tenting out beside my head. Ignoring it, I continued my praises. 'With a tool like that, I'm surprised any woman would even let you near her! That's a porno-calibre cock!' All the while I continued casually rubbing the wet spot on my jeans, and I could now see an obvious tent in Big D's bathrobe.

Finally turning to face him for the first time, I was confronted with his shrouded erection. 'Whoa, D, you could take out an eye with that thing!' I looked at him, then at his erection. 'You've got lots of great viewing material, what are we waiting for!' I could see Big D didn't know what to do, so I took the lead. I fired up one of his blowjob videos (my favourite!), and pulled down the zipper on my jeans all the way, my cock (still in my underwear) springing free. My underwear were soaked with precum by now, and my cock was so swollen it was clearly outlined in my grey underwear.

I began obviously rubbing my cock through my underwear for a moment, and when I noticed Big D was still standing there shocked, I looked up at him and said, 'You're not just going to stand there and watch, are you?' With that, I pulled my cock out of my underwear and began stroking it, choking huge pearls of precum to the tip. The head of my cock was swollen purple like a giant mushroom with teasing, and looking back to the video with fake interest, I was rewarded to see Big D open up his bathrobe to reveal his huge cock!

I turned to look at him again, but all I could see was his cock, massive and oozing precum. I could smell his musk, and I could see the veins popping out on his tool, as his cock was only about 10 inches from my face. I continued stroking my rod as I said, 'That is a huge cock, D', and he looked from the video to me, and down to my cock.

'You've got a pretty good one too, for a little guy,' he said jokingly. I looked back at the video, and we jacked ourselves for about two minutes, listening to the moans of the video. The video was just about over, when I noticed Big D turn slightly to face me. I was so horned up by now, I didn't care, as I rotated in the chair to face him, and now we were just watching each other jack off our super-hard cocks. I was looking straight across at his massive cock aimed right at me, but I couldn't tell if he was looking at my cock or my face, I didn't care.

Another minute of this, then I heard Big D grunt, 'oh yaaaaaa', and his cock spasmed, becoming even larger for a second, before firing a shot of cum right at me! Then another, and another, landing on my face and neck, running down my cheek, that was too much for me, I shot my own load all over his leg and floor, as he stepped forward until his cock was an inch from my face and dripping with cum.

I wasn't sure what he was expecting me to do, so I reached up and grabbed his still-immense tool, which immediately spasmed again at my touch, sending another volley on my face, and I slowly stroked it, forcing another bead of cum to the tip. He moaned, 'oh yesss', and I stroked him a few more times before I stopped and looked around.

'Looks like I need a shower now,' I said laughing. He said, 'Be my guest,' so I got up to jump into the shower, and he sat down to clean off his leg. That was hopefully the first of many encounters...



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