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Caught on Tape

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I love your site. I have spent many nights reading all the wonderful stories. I would like to share one with you that happened to me six years ago.

I was a senior in college and I lived with two other girls and two guys. I had know Jake and Sara for years and were really good friends of mine. Chad and Lisa I had just met when the school year started. They were aquaintances of Sara's. Lisa and I didn't get along very well and it was causing some tension between Sara and I so I had confided in Jake a lot.

Well about halfway through the year I noticed that my stuff on my dresser was getting messed up and on occasion some of my clothes were missing. I thought for sure it was Lisa. When I confronted her we had a big fight. So Jake and I worked out a plan to catch her in the act. Jake is a communications major and knows tons of stuff about cameras. So he rigged my room up with a camera and positioned it such that it hit the mirror and you could see the whole room. We had noticed that it happened quite frequently on Wednesday's. Lisa was home by herself every Wednesday from 10:30 to noon. So our plan was set.

I was anticipating going home all day and watching the tape so I could bust her. I got done around 4:00 and Jake and I went into my room to watch. Jake put the tape in and started to fast forward til we saw her. The time displayed on the bottom of the tape and soon it was past noon and she hadn't come in. At about 1:10 Chad walked in my room so Jake pushed play so we could watch. Chad is home on Wednesday from 1:00 to 2:00.

We watch as he walked over to the dresser and took some of my make up. He put some lipstick on and some blush. I was stunned, what was he doing? He has never come across this way before. We continued to watch. Pretty soon he started to rifle through my drawers. He pulled out some of my panties and one of my best bras. I was getting furious. All of the sudden, he started to undress. I ask Jake, what the hell is he doing? He got down to his underwear and then he took them off. He had some nice equipment.

He quickly put on my underwear and then my bra. He then went to my closet and pick out a dress and put it on. He could get it zipped, but he then danced around the room. Jake and I just started laughing. Pretty soon he decided he better get going and he took the dress off and put it back in the closet. When he turned around, you could see he was enjoying what he was doing. He was sticking out of my panties by a couple of inches. I couldn't wait to see his penis once he took off my panties.

He first took off the bra and then the panties. He stood up and right in front of the camera was his 8 inch hard-on staring right at me. He then grabbed my panties and began to play with himself with them. I had never seen a guy do that before. It was really starting to turn me on. He started to stroke fast and I was getting so wet I couldn't stand it. I began to rub my clit through my jeans. It felt so good.

Chad continued to jack off and soon you could tell he was ready to cum. I was starting to get into it as well, rubbing even harder and faster. All of the sudden Chad came all over my floor and I was getting close. I then heard someone clear their throat. I forgot about Jake who was sitting behind me by the head board. I was so embarassed.

I turned around, my face must have been a bright red. But I immediately noticed a bulge in Jake's pants. So I asked him if he was enjoying the show and he said very much so. I was so horny. I still can't believe what I did next. I told him he could get the whole show if he did what Chad did so I could see it in person. He didn't even hesitate. We stripped out of our clothes so fast and I began to play with myself and he began to jack off. He wasn't quite as big as Chad, but it was enough. We sat across from each other and watched each other masturbate until we both came. We both laid on the bed exhausted.

As we laid there we discussed what we had witnessed and decided not to tell anyone else, but to confront Chad in private. We had sex later that night and we dated for 3 years. It was one of the most incredible nights I have ever had.



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