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Caught Nude at the Beach

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This is by far the wildest thing that has ever happened to me. My wife and I took a vacation in Jamaica. It was a resort we stayed at and we had a private beach. Within walking distance of our beach was a nude beach. We walked down and looked at the people there. There were mostly old people. This was both of our first time at a nude beach. I was only brave enough to get into the ocean and pull my shorts off before putting them back on still under water. My dick was hard the whole time.

It took us a couple of days but my wife and I convinced ourselves to go for it. We had full intentions on going and spending some time completely naked at the nude beach. No one knew us at all so why not?

We got there and set our towels far up on the beach behind everyone. There were a few couples there. I was hoping for only old people there or else my cock would be a rock the whole time. Of course there were a few middle aged couples there including a nice looking middle aged woman there completely naked with her husband. She really took good care of her body. Her ass was smooth and round and her legs were shaped like a dancer or something. She looked better than a lot of younger women I know.

I was still determined to just go for it, hard dick or not. We both went into the ocean and got undressed. We were nervous and spent about a half an hour under the water before walking up to put our clothes in our bag. We were like kids giggling at the whole situation. We were both nervous but turned on too. We sat a while before going back into the ocean. I couldn't get my dick to go down so I just walked like I didn't care. And yes, the pretty MILF did see my big erection.

I sat in the water with my wife sitting behind me and her legs wrapped around my waist. She started to stroke my cock right there in the water. I have never experienced being so out in the open naked, nor have I had a hand job so close to other people. There was a couple snorkeling about 20 feet away from us. The water is very clear down in Jamaica. When the lady looked over I could tell that she was looking at me getting jerked off. I told my wife that she was looking. She just laughed and started stroking me faster. My wife has never been so bold. There was no way I could hold myself from an orgasm. I came under water right there with the lady watching me. Once I was done, the lady looked at me in the face, eye to eye, with no expression on her face and swam away like it was nothing. I don't know what she was trying to say but she did acknowledge that she saw me squirting.

We sat a while longer before going up to our towels. Thinking about the lady watching me and the sexy MILF naked within my eye sight, I wanted to cum again. I grabbed my dick as my wife started touching her pussy a little. She pulled out her little blue friend (her vibe) and sneakily put it on her clit. Her back was turned to the people but she was still naked and vibing her clit on a nude beach with other people around. I was loving this day! I was watching my wife and looking at the MILF when I could with my hard dick in my hand.

My wife was trying to remain unnoticed as she diddled her pussy, but as she got closer to orgasm, she started to lean back more and more. Her breasts pressed out from their concealed position. Her legs fell wider apart, revealing her swollen clit and loose, open pussy lips. She did her best to stay quiet when she came, but she couldn't hide the face that she makes when she comes. She moans very slowly when she comes and of course she had no way to stop her pussy lips from pulsing, but only I could see that. At that point she was basically lying on her back like she was at home in bed alone. She started to buck her body to the point that if anyone were to just look over, they would know exactly what was going on. She was pleasuring herself and cumming very hard right out in the open.

I came before she did and created a puddle of semen in the sand. I covered the evidence over. Without a doubt, this was the wildest experience of my life.



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