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Caught My Wife

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Just proves you can be married to someone for 13 years and they still surprise you.


I married my wife when I was 29 and she was 19. The first few years were great, lots of spontaneous sex. Then we had a couple of kids, and things slowed down. Typical story, right? Well, although my wife was enthusiastic about sex she was never into porn or toys, just straight sex. I didn't mind, and I thought I knew how she felt about stuff like that.

Recently I came home from work early and found the house empty, even though her car was in the driveway. I went into the bedroom where the blinds, drapes and windows were wide open, and I saw my wife talking to the neighbor at the fence. The computer was on, and she had a window open to a porn site and a window open to Solo Touch. I couldn't believe it! I would have bet the house that she would never look at anything like that! I saw her walking back into the house and I slipped into the closet.

She came into the room and stripped naked. She began reading stories on Solo Touch and looking at really hardcore stuff. I was really getting pissed, she was keeping something like this a secret from me, and I would be SO into it! Anyway, she goes to the bedside table and gets a vibrator from the drawer, which she usually keeps locked. From my hiding place in the closet I can see her from the side, and watched as she worked the vibe into her pussy, and rubbing her clit in fast little circles.

Even though I was pissed I was (of course) ROCK hard! I pulled out my cock and started to jerk off, and felt like I was in some surreal dream. I couldn't believe this woman I was watching was my sweet, innocent, vanilla wife. Although the window was open she didn't attempt to stifle her moaning, and she was in unabated ecstacy for about ten minutes until she had an orgasm. I could have cum ten times watching her but held off.

Finally she fell still and after another few minutes cleaned up and got dressed. She walked out of the room and I quickly realised she would probably see my car in the driveway, but there was no way for me to escape except out of the window! I decided to let her find out and I watched her. She had left the computer on so I slipped out of the closet, undressed, and sat in front of the computer. I was looking at the porn and jacking off when my wife came back into the room and screamed! She shrieked 'How did you get in here?!' I spun around in the chair and said 'I got off work early. I hid in the closet and watched the whole thing! But I don't think I'm the one who has explaining to do!'

Suddenly, she burst into tears. It took about two hours to calm her down, but after it all came out and she realised I was very enthusiastic about her new hobby, she was relieved that I had found out. Just to be a good sport I let her watch me masterbate, and had nasty good sex three times that night. (The most since the kids came along!) Now watchng each other masterbate is a regular part of our week...along with the other stuff!



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