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Caught My Uncle

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I spent all my time at my 'cousins' house. We weren't blood relatives but our families were very close and was always between the two homes.

I always had a crush on my uncle who was a very rugged man-about 5'11', 180 lbs, medium build, short hair and off and on a thick dark goatee...

My male cousins' bedroom was right across from my aunt & uncle's bedroom and I would try and catch my uncle in as little clothing as possible which was often since he walked around in boxers and socks and kept his bedroom door cracked open..

My uncle took two showers a day like clockwork-in the morning before leaving for work then after working out/running. Since I would spend weeks at a time there, I planned out my 'peep shows' so I would have to run inside a few minutes after he was done exercising. My cousins were so oblivious since they were too busy playing with the neighborhood kids outside to care...my aunt was gone most of the time at a social event or shopping...

Most of the time, my uncle would close his bedroom door but not all the way so there was small crack to look in....my heart would race as I manoeuvered myself so I could watch him in the mirror which reflected the shower as he showered slowly lathering his entire body, relaxing under the water after a long day at work + running.

I had plenty of shower shows over a 5+ year period but the one that I wanted to share gets me hard every time I think about it...

One weekend during the summer, my aunt took a trip out of the country to visit relatives and my cousins were staying at my house for a few weeks. We had keys to each other's houses and most of the time neither was locked since there was so much traffic lol..

My cousin's told me to pick up some video games from their room so I scooted over to their house..about a minute after I arrived, I heard my uncle coming in and I instinctively hid under my cousins' bunk bed. I lay there shaking with excitement as I listened to my uncle walk up the stairs..I watched as he took off his t-shirt and running shorts in the hall, standing there in a soaking joc strap. I had to catch my breath as he walked into my cousins' room and look around (to check if anyone was around) then walk into his bedroom.

My eyes glazed as I watched from underneath the bed while my uncle stripped off his jock strap in front of the mirror and lift it up to his nose, inhale and lick the crotch causing his cock to immediately spring to life. Not bothering to close the bedroom door assuming no one was home, I watched as he took two fingers, spray lotion from the counter on them, then shove them in his hole. With his left foot on the counter, my uncle started fingering his hole, watching himself in the sink mirror spreading his hole wide while he stroked his cock. This went on for about 10 minutes, with my uncle stroking while alternating between fingering his hole and playing with his nipples.

I was grinding myself against the rug and I could feel my first pre-cum building up. I was licking my lips and sweating up a storm watching this private show...what happened next almost caused me to explode...my uncle grabbed the medium size bottle of lotion off the counter, slathered lotion all over his hole then placed the bottle of lotion on the carpet and slowly sat down on it...

I watched as the look of pain turned into ecstacy and his tight hole adjusted to the size of the bottle...his cock, which was about 7' but thick, flew up and down as my uncle started riding the bottle. After about 5 minutes of doing this, he grabs his cock and starts stroking while riding the bottle faster and faster. I watched as his eyes rolled into his head, and a deep primal 'Fuck' escaped from his mouth and about 12-13 streams of white liquid (learned it was cum when I got older) flew from his cock landing on carpet, his leg and even the full-length mirror he was watching himself in.

My uncle continued to ride the bottle of lotion for another 2-3 minutes as he drained his cock of what appeared to be a week's load...I watched as he got off the bottle and lick the cum off the carpet and mirror..he grabbed a towel, wiped off the smudges then jumped in the shower where he continued to play with his hole with the removable shower head..

It seemed like the show went on for a few hours but it was only about 20 minutes..I snuck out quietly, ran to my house straight to the bathroom, and stroked my young cock until I had my first dry orgasm.

I never got a repeat performance but still was able to get a few shower shows over the next few years. My other favorite thing to do was catch him napping in his boxers since he always seemed to get semi-hard and the head would pop out the fly....

Sorry it was so long but even remembering this makes me horny all over again.



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