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Caught My Neighbor

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Back when I was 16 (now 42) and out of school for the Summer I looked out my window one morning and saw the boy next door sitting out in his back yard in a lawn chair. He was 15 at the time. We were both home alone and I decided to go over and visit him. He and I were good friends and had known each other for years being we were neighbors and went to the same school.

I walked up to him from behind and looked over his shoulder. He was reading a book and I looked at it. It had a picture of a naked woman laying on top of a naked man and I saw Kyle's (his name) arm moving across his lap area and I could tell he was rubbing on himself with his hand over his genitals. I then cleared my throat and Kyle jumped quickly closing the book and turning toward me. He was so red in the face. I had sure caught him in a very private moment.

I asked him 'what are you reading'? He asked how long I had been there. I told him 'long enough. I saw the picture you were looking at'. Kyle knew he'd been had so he told me he had found the book in his mom and dad's bedroom and it was about sexual positions. I asked him can I see it too? He handed it to me. We sat down and both started looking at it. The pictures were quite graphic. I could see the big boner in Kyle's pants and I too was getting all excited and wet.

I had a big brother and had often heard him in his room playing with himself. I had also seen the stains on his sheets when I was helping mom do the laundry and had asked mom what the stains were. Mom had told me exactly what they were and that all boys do this (jerk off). I too had been playing with myself for around three years at that time. So I came right out and asked Kyle 'do you need to go jerk yourself off' pointing at the big boner in his shorts? Kyle turned all red again in the face. I told him 'I have a big brother, remember, and I know all boys do this when they get like that'. Kyle then told me he was. I then asked him 'can I watch you do it'? After saying this I could see Kyle's face light up with excitement. He said 'if you'd like'. He then said 'can I see you too'? I told him 'yes, it would only be right'.

We went into his house and up to his bedroom. He and I were both so excited. We stood looking at each other and I could see just how big and hard his cock was in his shorts. I was dying to see it. I then told him 'well, let's just don't stand here' and started taking off my shorts. Kyle did the same. Soon we were both naked standing looking at each other's bodies. Kyle then started slowly bubbing his cock. I reached down and started fingering my pussy. I then laid back on his bed rubbing my middle finger up and down the slit with my legs spread. Kyle's eyes were glued on my pussy and he was now really stroking his cock. He was standing at my feet and he then went to making those sounds I hear my brother make and I knew he was about to get off. He then shut his eyes straining his face and let out a loud grunt as he started shooting cum from his cock. It ended up on my legs. I was shocked at how far it went and was so excited seeing this. I soon afterwards had a terrific orgasm. Kyle loved seeing this. I then felt the cum and then cleaned it off of me. I now saw why my brother had so many stains on his sheets.

Well, Kyle and I had a very active Summer, to say the least, and we soon got into getting each other off. I became an expert at giving handjobs and this sure came in handy when I really got into the dating thing and steady boyfriends. Kyle sure was perfect to practice on.



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