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Caught My Friend's Wife

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My friend's wife is 25, Asian, about 5'5', C-cup breasts and an absolutely incredible body. She's a personal trainer, and she obviously practices what she preaches!

Last weekend, I drove over to my friend's house. He and I were going out to have a 'guy's day,' which is a rarity once you're married, apparently. We were meeting friends to watch a football game. His wife was there, and was looking as hot as ever. She still had her pyjamas on, which were basically tight sweat pants (with the name brand across the ass-great advertising!) and a tight, white T-shirt that wasn't leaving much to the imagination. I tried not to look, but it was basically impossible.

My friend and I left in my car and met our friends at local university's football stadium to watch a college game. When I got to the gate, I realized I had left my wallet on the kitchen counter at my friend's house, which of course had my ticket in it. It was only about a 15 minute drive back to get it, so I decided to go back and get it. My friend gave me his house key, since his wife would probably be out doing things by now.

I drove back, pulled into the driveway, and went to the front door. It was locked, so I figured his wife was gone. I used the key to open the door, and went inside. I figured I was alone, so I didn't bother calling out her name. They have a big house for a young couple, so it took a good 30 seconds to get to the kitchen. I grabbed my wallet, checked for my ticket, and was ready to leave.

Then I noticed, faintly, a ruffling sound. It sounded like somebody moving around in bed sheets. I figured it was one of their dogs, but then I noticed the dogs were in the backyard. Then I heard a faint 'buzzzzz' sound. Call me horny, but I instantly knew (or hoped I knew) what that sound was. That couldn't be... was my friend's wife masturbating with a vibrator?

I'm sure an upstanding guy would have just left, but fuck it. She's hot. I walked back to their bedroom, and the door was ajar. I was moving slowly, trying not to be heard nor seen. The way their hall angles, I could see her body, but not her face (unless she moved really positions). At first glance, I could only see half a leg sticking out from their poofy piles of bedsheets. But there was no doubt. Heavy breathing, the constant buzzing sound, a soft moan here and there, and then the wet sounds started. The sheets began moving rhythmically, so she must have been vibrating her clit in one hand and fucking herself with her fingers with another. I watched for about a minute or two before figuring I should probably leave. I wouldn't want to get caught watching.

But then she moves the covers, and her body was uncovered. Her big tits looked incredible, her flat tummy leading to a small strip of hair above a beautiful pussy. I had to stay and watch. By now, my dick was hard as a rock and I was dying to jack off. I touched myself lightly through my pants, but I didn't want to get all wrapped up in myself and miss this. She moaned more and more, and I got better views as time went on. She'd pinch her nipples, she'd pull the vibrator away for a second to tease herself, giving me an incredible view of her soaking wet pussy, and then she'd go back to business. After about 5 minutes of this, she came, and it was obvious. Loud moaning, body jerking. I used this commotion as an excuse to get the fuck out of there!

I quickly, but quietly left and drove away before she'd have a chance to notice I was there. As I drove back to the game, my head was spinning. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. I needed to cum, but I had no chance to. It just built up throughout the day. I didn't even get a chance to relieve myself until that night, but I've replayed that moment many times in my head since then.



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