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Caught My Friend's Older Brother

Posted by: Author: Age: 14 then Posted on: 4 comments
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As I often sleep over at my friend's house, we have occasionaly caught each other wanking at night. So I prefer to blow my load in private, in the bathroom. I spend up to 20 minutes doing this.

One night when I walked into the bathroom without knocking, I walked straight into William (my friends older brother) jerking off like crazy in the bath. Needless to say, I was extremely embarassed. I tried to cover my eyes, but he just told me to stay, and close and lock the door. So I did.

He looked at me, with a full-on 6" dick standing up from his dark pubic hair. He asked me if I ever wanked and I sheepishly admitted that I did. He then asked if I had ever wanked someone else, and I said no, not yet. He stood up and I couldn't help but notice his masculine body and rock hard dick. He told me that since I had seen his dick, he should have a chance to see mine. So I stripped down my pants and revealed my now hard 5.5" dick. He then asked me if I would like to touch his dick, and so I reached down for it, it was hot and throbbing in my hands.

William asked me if I wanted to wank him and I said only if he would wank me back, so he grabbed my dick and started rubbing my balls. I almost came immediately. We explored our dicks and wanked each other. He then let go off my dick and walked around me, he held my dick from behind me and rubbed his dick up and down my crack, moving with the motion of his hand. I blew my load in less than 20 seconds and then I turned around. He stepped closer to me and I could feel our dicks touching. I reached down for his cock and wanked it, and I felt his cum squirt out in four thick ropes.

We looked at each other, and he smiled, he told me I should be getting back to his brother. I returned to the bedroom still semi-hard, noticeable enough that my friend even commented that I must have had fun in the bathroom. I laughed and commented he didn't know how much.

I stayed awake in bed for about an hour and when I was sure that he was asleep, I snuck out and into William's room. He was lying in bed on his phone, but when he saw me, he put it away, and we watched porn on the computer. Then the fun began again, and we came at least twice together that night.

Occasionaly we still wank together, and sometimes we even shower together, which is exra erotic because my friend and his parents don't even know. Hope you enjoy the story. Happy jerking guys



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