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Caught My Coach Jacking

Posted by: Author: Age: 34 now, 14 then Posted on: 2 comments
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True story how I caught my coach jacking.


It was the spring semester when I just turned 14 when I caught my coach jacking off. My gym class was the last period of the day and I would always help put up the equipment that was used throughout the day. I usually would be the last to take my shower often being the only one in there. Sometimes coach also would take a shower after everyone had gone and it would just be he and I. He had an awesome body. He worked out and had a nice athletic body. He had a nice cover of tight chest and ab hair that continued down to some short dense pubes. His 4'-5' plump flaccid dick didn't hang straight down but laid out over a huge set of balls. He always was very casual, asking about my classes, grades. I would ask him about his girlfriend (the art teacher at the school) and how they were doing and how beautiful she was. He would sometimes chub up talking about her. I knew he would so I always asked about her. He never made me feel uncomfortable around him. Watching him take a shower or dry off at the lockers I couldn't help it but I would sometimes get a semi or a boner. He knew I was a little embarrassed by it but said he was fourteen once and it just happens. It all changed one day when I was way behind putting up the equipment. There had been intra murals going on so there was a lot of equipment left out. I was trying to hurry because coach had locked me in the locker room before when I had taken to long and he thought I had already left. When I finally got done I hurried into the showers. I heard coaches radio come on up front in his office so I knew he was still here. When I finished my shower I went to get a towel but the towel room was locked. I walked to coaches office to ask for a towel and when I stepped to the door I saw coach leaning back in his chair, his back and shoulder to me. His shirt was off and his shorts was at his ankles and his hand stroking a very big fat hard dick. He obviously didn't hear me with his radio on and kept stroking his dick. He was stroking with a double stroke to the top of his dick then a long stroke down to his nuts then back up. His down stroke was met with a upward thrust of his hips. I could clearly see his now very large dick head at the end of each thrust. I felt my dick grow instantly into a boner. I stood there transfixed by what I was watching. His stroking sped up a little as his breathing became deeper. There was a soft moan as he now twisted his hand as he stroked. His other hand reached for his nuts playing with them. His stroke became a pump and thrust. His breathing, stroking, thrusting was getting faster as he got closer to release. I could feel my own face warm and that familiar tightness in my own nuts grow as I watched him. He thrust his dick upward and held it for a second, moaning as his hand pressed hard downward, then again, holding a second more, and as he did it for the third time he froze. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as his dick flexed and cum erupted arching upward onto his chest. As his cum landed on his hairy chest I could feel my own dick spasm and my cum shoot from my dick. I reached to cover my dick and as I did so he must have heard me because he turned and looked over his shoulder at me. As he turned his second rope of cum shot upward landing on his arm and shoulder. His eyes got huge as he saw me standing there naked with my hands wrapped around my own cum spurting boner. He yelled in utter shock 'what are you doing here?' his aborted third rope of cum shot up onto his desk. He quickly stood trying to pull up his athletic shorts over his still ridged and dripping dick. I squealed back in a voice way to high 'I needed a towel, the towel room is locked!!' . I stood there with my hand over my dick trying to hide the second, third, fourth spurts of cum that were dripping from between my fingers. With a look of resignation he told me to go back to my locker and he would get me towel. I hurried back to my locker and got dressed dripping wet. He came around the corner with the towel but stopped when he saw me dressed. We didn't say a word while he unlocked the door and I left. Coach avoided me the rest of the semester which was just a couple of weeks. I know it's something both of us will never forget. I dont think he remembers it like I do. I still jack off to that memory.



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