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Caught My Brother's Friend

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I enjoy masturbating on a regular basis. My fantasies usually involve multiple partners, watching, and being watched. My brother has a group of friends who are always in the basement playing video games or watching porn they steal from my parents' collection (that they don't think we know about.)
One Friday night my parents were out for the evening and the boys were doing their usual thing. I was in my room reading and talking on the phone with friends when I heard noises coming from the bathroom next to my room. I got close to the door and heard some low grunting and moaning. I was sure someone was jacking off in there, but I didn't know who. I wanted to walk right in, but I didn't necessarily want to see my brother pleasuring himself.
So I went downstairs to see who was there, and the only guy missing was my brother's friend Brian, who I had fantasized about on more than one occasion. He was tall, and lean, and I imagined he had a great cock, but I had never seen it.
I went back to the door. I didn't know what would happen if I caught him. Would he be mad? His groaning was getting louder, and I could hear the clicks and slurps of his hand moving quickly over his lubricated cock. He was really working, and I didn't want to miss seeing him cum. So I slipped my jeans off, threw them onto my bed, unlocked the door with my key, and opened it slowly.
He was laying on the floor with his pants around his ankles, jerking off to a DVD cover he had brought up from the basement. He stopped instantly when he saw me, and I was instantly turned on. In my panties and a t-shirt, with no bra, I ran my hand from my mouth down, past my tits, to my panties and tried to say something like you'd hear in a porn movie like, 'Don't stop on my account.' But it came out, 'I...that's...uh...' I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and said, 'I could hear you from my room and I wanted to see what you were doing. Do you think I could watch you finish?'
He had started pulling up his pants, and he stopped instantly. 'What?' he said. I was getting braver, and the knot in my stomach was turning to pleasure, 'Go ahead. I want to watch you cum. Maybe you need more lotion.' I took the hand lotion from the counter and knelt down beside him. I could see his heart beating he was so excited. Then I slowly dripped the lotion onto his throbbing cock. I put my flat hand on top of his dick and rubbed back and forth for a couple of seconds, then I wrapped my fingers around it and gave it a couple of tugs, and stood up.
Brian's eyes lit up now, and he put his hand back on his penis. 'Go slow for me, OK?' I said. He went VERY slow, pushing his dick through his hands and squeezing hard. I decided to take off my panties for him, so I turned around and bent over, drawing my panties off one inch at a time. I guess the sight of my tight ass and wet clit from behind was too much for him. He let out a loud moan and I looked over my shoulder to see his load shoot up over his head and hit the wall, then the rest came out on his stomach. He looked like the happiest teenager in the world.
'Oh, honey...that was too fast' I said. 'Can you keep it hard for me? I really want to cum, too' His dick remained at attention as I leaned back against the closed door and ran my hands down to my clit. For the next five minutes I let him watch me finger myself and rub my tits over and under my shirt. He jacked off the whole time, and the sight made me hornier and hornier.
'Now....let's cum together' I said, as I knelt over his head with my cunt just inches from his face. I rubbed like that for about 30 seconds and said, 'Stand up, I want to see this up close.' Brian stood up and I knelt in front of him. I put one hand on his ass and the other in my cunt while he jerked off right in front of my face.
'Your cock is as big as I have imagined, Brian. Do you think you can cum for me again?' He could only moan as his hips drove back and forth, fucking his hand as hard as he could.
I started to feel warm and the sensation was spreading. 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I'm going to cum soon, baby, blow that load all over my tits and I'll cum so fast. Come on, baby, shoot it. Shoot it now. I want to watch you cum all over me. Here it comes! Oh, I can see it coming! Oh! Oh! Cum! Cum!'
I saw his dick start to spasm again and the first shot hit my cheek and my mouth. I caught just a taste of his cum and the rest dripped down onto my tits. I had the hardest orgasm of my life as I watched the cum drip down my chest and Brian fall back in a heap against the wall. His dick was finally limp, and I was exhausted.
He put his pants on and left soon after.



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