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Caught My Brother And His Friend

Posted by: Author: Age: 16 than, 18 now Posted on: 4 comments
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I just wished more had happened between the three of us.


Ok, So when I was 16 I walked in on my brother and his friend who were both 13 at the time masturbating each other. As they saw me they scrambled for the covers, didn't get to see much but clearly showed what they were doing.

Pretending not to know I asked them what they were doing and all my brother could do was yell at me to get out of his room. I told them both that I was going to tell mum and dad what I saw and they can deal with it.

It was than they started pleading with me and said they we do anything, they also told me what they were doing. I thought to myself and I was curious now so I made sure they said they would do anything and they said they would.

So I asked them to continue masturbating and they hesitated until I reminded them what id do if they didn't do what I said. They looked at each other and than my brothers friend took off the cover and there for the first time in person I saw a real dick, well two of them.

My brother was uncircumcised with a little bit of pubic hair around the base of his dick and id say when it was hard to be around 6 inches. My brothers friends dick was also uncircumcised, about 5.5 inches hard and he had no pubic hair.

As they grabbed each others dicks they were both soft and for about two minutes of them playing with each other I asked when they were going to get hard and they said they didn't know and told me there usually hard by now. I guess they were just nervous and couldn't get hard but I had to change that.

I thought for a minute and thats when I took off my tee shirt, the boys looked at me with there mouths open and couldnt believe what they were seeing. I looked at there dicks and I noticed a little movement, so I reached around my back and undid my hot pink lace bra. I held it at the front as I took my arms out of the straps.

I smiled at both of them before I let go of my bra, It fell to the floor revealing my breast for the first time ever to anyone. They were a b cup at the time with small pinkish nipples. My brother and his friend starred at the first set of breasts and as I looked down they were both now hard.

Now they were hard I told them to continue to masturbate each other. So they reached out and grabbed each others dicks and slowly started to stroke each other. By this point I could feel myself getting wet and I so badly wanted to touch myself.

As they looked at my boobs they began to stroke each other faster and I could start to see them getting closer. They both moaned they were going to cum and as I watched there bodies tense up and begin to shake before and with one last stroke the both had an orgasm shooting out this white stuff which I later learnt was cum.

My panties were soaked and I was so horny by this point. I just couldn't believe I watched my brother and his friend masturbate right in front of my eyes. I smiled at them before picking up my tee shirt and bra and I tell you now I couldn't get to my bed room fast enough.

I took off my mini skirt and my soaked panties before jumping on my bed. I started by playing with my rock hard nipples before my hand went down to my tight shaved wet pussy and began to rub my clit hard and fast. I needed more though and as I rubbed my clit I inserted a finger inside of me and began fingering myself also. Within 2 minutes of play my body started shaking all over, I tensed up and there it was the biggest and best orgasm I had ever had.

It was so intense I swear I blacked out, I just layed there until I came off my high. I had the biggest smile on my face and as I looked over at the clock I saw it was nearly time my parents were due home. So I got up and thats when I noticed that I had soaked the bed with my girl juices. I just covered it up assuming it would dry.

I went for a shower to freshen up before going down stairs to greet my parents. My brother and his friend came down, I looked at them with a huge smile and they just giggled. His friend went home, my brother and my parents and I had dinner and than watched tv and all I could think about was what had happened wgich lead to another huge orgasm when I went to bed.

Unfortunately, That was the first and last time I saw both of them masturbate and nothing more ever happened between the three of us.



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