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Caught Jacking Off, Naked on the Roadside

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A few years ago I sent my first story. It described when I discovered how hot it is being naked and jacking off in the outdoors and in public places, leaving my parents home by night and walking around naked and hard in town. Later on I improved my skills, driving naked, jacking in rest rooms etc. But these are other stories. What I want to tell this time has to do with my uncle, a hot worker who also loves to work out regularly, with a great body, slim, athletic and a nice cock, exactly as mine: About 7 inches, uncut, of course.

When I was about 18 we moved from the town to a neighbourhood almost in the countryside. From my room I could hear the traffic on the country road: it was about 150 meters from our new home to the road, just walking through grass, trees and bushes. Of course, for me that was the ideal place. As soon as I found out that by night time there was not too much traffic and that road was used mostly by trucks as a shortcut, I had to explore the situation. I prefer showing off to truckers because almost all of them are male and the risk to be caught by a female trucker is very very small.

Since we moved there in late spring I had all the summer time to check the new environment. My room was on the ground floor, so I could leave our home naked by night, wearing just gym sneakers: I just had to cross the grass area, then the trees and the bushes and I showed up on the roadside. On both sides of the road there were trees and bushes, but there were also small paths along the road, so I could walk either on the road or on those paths and it was easy to hide in the bushes if necessary. At about 1 km from my position in the north there was as crossing, so I could see at once if a truck or a car was approaching. Toward south, more or less a 1km, there was a big lay by for several trucks and cars, but that is another story.

For several weeks I developed a certain routine: as soon as my relatives were in their rooms and the lights were out, I left my room through my room window, ran to the bushes in order not to be caught by my relatives, crossed trees and bushes and reached the road. The first nights I was so horny that I risked to cum walking over there, before showing up on the road, but then I learned to keep my cock better under control. When there was full moon it was even hotter, because everybody could see me naked from further away.

So I walked the road up and down, checking from which side a truck was arriving and hiding when there was approaching a car (one never knows, it could be a woman with kids or a family, and I'm absolutely not into that, I just want to show off to hot men). Just fancy the situation: everything quiet and dark, then you see a truck on the crossing and moving on my road. I go onto the road, fully naked and jacking my boner or standing there, legs spread and jacking like mad while that truck comes nearer. Then the trucker sees me, flashes up his headlights, I'm in full light and I can hardly avoid cumming, the trucks comes still closer and closer, I step down to the path along the road and the trucker passes watching me, often sounding the horn and sometimes the direction lights to show he is going to park in the lay by. And there will be some stories of the lay by later on, too.

Sometimes I was in full light of one truck when from the opposite side another truck arrived, so I had to step down to the path and jack for both of them. All that had become a kind of routine, night by night, when during summer my uncle came to our home for holidays. He is 15 years older than me, likes to work out and to swim, as I already said above. He got the room next to mine and in the morning we had to share the same bathroom. Of course we never locked the bathroom door when showering, so I could check him out in the shower and he did the same with me, because somehow each of us had to use the bathroom when the other one was showering. I had to be very cautious leaving my room by night for my usual road adventures, because my uncles window was next to mine, but somehow I managed, or that's what I thought. I kept showing off to the truckers, enjoying the breeze on my naked body and the thrill of being watched while jacking naked in public, jacking mine and finally cumming for the truckers and hoping my show-off business would make them horny and hard. That's what I expected especially from those who went into the lay by nearby.

One warm summer night, during a long show off and jo session, I stepped down to the path while a trucker passed flashing the headlights and sounding, when suddenly a saw the shadow of a man standing there in the bushes on my left, shirtless and in shorts, and I got frightened. Damn, I had been caught not the way I wanted by truckers, but by somebody I hadn't expected. It was so damned embarrassing: me fully naked there on the road in front of a stranger and jacking. My boner got soft in a second and I was going to run away when I heard my uncle's voice saying: Don't worry, Dan, it's just me. Well I wasn't sure if really there was no reason to worry, but he added: It's so hot to be naked in public, I like that too and at your age I also showed off on country roads and in other public places.

Well, that made the situation different. He stepped out of the bushes, grinned at me saying: You have got a hot bod, Dan, and a nice cock, too. I'm sure the truckers enjoy what they see. Those words somehow turned me on again: it was a strange situation, me naked and slowly boning up again there on the path, my uncle in front of me smiling and checking out every inch of my body, enjoying my nakedness and my boner. He asked me how my adventures began, said he had caught me leaving my room naked and followed me and then told me some of his show off stories.

I got even hornier listening and started pulling mine in front of him, when I noticed a huge tent in his shorts. He just looked into my eyes, smiled again and said: Guess you won't mind if I join in, pulled his shorts off (and he wore no undies) and stood there naked and hard in front of me. I don't know what the truckers thought catching two naked men jo on the roadside. My uncle and I first jacked watching each other, then he reached over and grabbed mine, of course I did the same with his, we put our cocks together and stroked them together and then suddenly he went down on his knees and deep throated mine. I couldn't hold back at all and cummed like mad in a few mins, he stood up and gently pushed my head down on his, held my head and fucked my face so perfectly, speeding up, slowing down, while some trucks passed and sounded and flashed the headlights, until after what looked like an eternity he arched back, pushed his cock hard into my throat, cummed and cummed, made me gag and filled my mouth. Of course that was only the beginning of some hot adventures together with my uncle, and not only with him, because he also told me what he and my dad did when they were at my age, but that is another story.



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