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Caught in the Shower (2)

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This is a follow up to 'Caught in the Shower' from April. After my roommate and I, age 18, became comfortable masturbating in front of each other we did it quite often. We never touched, mind you, only watched! It was purely young male fascination of watching someone else enjoy themselves.


As usual I was up early another morning and went to the bathroom to take a leak. In the early morning walking down the hall in the frat house we usually only wore a robe or towel. As I walked up to the urinals Jim, the guy with the largest dick I had ever seen, was already there. Mine was only about 3' soft and grew to 6' when hard. Jim was an amazing 6' soft but until today I had never seen him hard. He was finishing taking a leak when I walked in and before I finished his towel was on the rack and he was in the open shower stalls.

As I was shaking off I glanced at him as he was turning on the water. As soon as the warm water spray hit his dick I could see him beginning to get a hardon. Well, you can guess what watching him get hard did to me.

I guess he thought I had left as he soaped up and began to stroke. I couldn't resist but stay and watch. Yikes, when hard his dick had grown to at least 8'. I'd never seen one that large and by now mine was hard and throbbing for attention.

He soaped up and began stroking, slow at first then he speeded up, slowed down and speeded up and so did I. He still hadn't noticed I was watching as he was intently looking at his dick. In less than a minute I watched his cum shoot off six or seven log spurts and I automatically came too. Luckily I quietly left before he noticed me.

As soon as I was back in my room my roommate was awake and noticed I had a semi hardon on and smiled and asked if I had beat off. I said, 'Yes, while I was watching Jim do it I couldn't resist'. He said, 'What? Y'all did it together?' I said no and told him the story. Before I finished the story he was hard and going at it.

A few days later my roommate and I were discussing Jim and he said he wishes he could have watched him as I had. I told him if it happens again I'll wake you up. As it happened it was the next morning. I quickly went back to the room and my roommate was already awake so we went to the bathroom and there was Jim taking a leak. As he removed his towel and stepped into the shower my roommate and I were beginning to get hard just thinking about watching him beat off.

We quietly watched as Jim turned on the shower and he was again slowly getting a hardon so I said, 'Let's join him and see if we can talk him into beating off together'. As we walked in I told Jim I had watched him a few days ago and we wanted to do it with him because my roommate couldn't believe how much cum I told him he could shoot off.

Jim said, 'What the Hell, since we are all hard let's do it'. In record time the three of us came almost simultaneously. Cum was everywhere and quickly down the drain. The word traveled pretty fast so the concern for privacy quickly faded away.

Mind you, I'm just guessing however I can't help but imagine most of us, male or female, when writing a story to submit have been stroking and ready to finish masturbating as I am before clicking send. AWWWW, WOW, that was quick!

I hope my story stimulated you to cum too. Did it?

Let me know!



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