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Caught in the Locker Room

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Happened very recently.


So I live in the southern part of California. It's pretty cool here. I'm into guys and there is a lot of pretty hot ones around here. It sucks though because at my school it's pretty much guaranteed that if your gay, your going to be a social outcast. So nobody knows about me, and I don't think anyone suspects because I'm not flamboyant or anything and I've gone out with several girls (currently single at the time of this story though).

Anyway, after second semester began my school got this grant for more after school activities. They started this club called 'Century' (pretty queer name if you ask me). Basically though, it's just a weight lifting class. People sign up to work out and stuff. I've been going for a few weeks now. I get turned on very easily though seeing all the guys work out. Sometimes I even catch myself staring for long periods of time.

Anyway, this one time I was using a machine to work out my back. I sit down and just pull a hanging bar down to the top part of my back. From here I can check out the people in the room without looking suspicious. I see this guy walk into the room. His name is Ed. I knew him from last year but this year we don't talk much. He's on the baseball team, real popular, he's also real hot.

Well anyway, he walks in and I watch him do several workouts. Seeing his muscles work got me off so much I got a huge hard on. I stopped working out for awhile and pretended to be resting. I hunched over, and had my crossed arms resting on my knees to cover my boner.

It didn't help much that he took his shirt off. I could see his hard chest and stomach. I felt like jerking off right there. Who cares who saw they are all hot anyway. But I didn't, I just moved to another machine and concentrated on working out so my dick would get soft. It worked eventually.

Later I saw him just standing there waiting to use a machine. I decided to grow some balls and just talk to him. I just said the usual what's up and talked about how I haven't seen him in a while. We talked for a while and when he used the bench press I spotted him. I stood up and held onto the bar in case anything happened while he lay down and pushed the bar up. He looked hot as he pushed it. I could see his chest going crazy and I could feel myself getting hard again.

Luckily he finished his set in time and it was my turn. He stood where I did while I lay down. When I looked up to grab the bar I could see his crotch was literally inches from my face. I thought about just touching it right there but I would never really do anything like that in public. I did a couple of reps and I felt my dick getting real hard staring up at his crotch and his bare body. I pushed up a couple more but I was too horny. I stopped without completing my set and sat up. My boner was WAY noticeable, creating a tent in my gym shorts. I got up and told Ed I'd be back hoping he hadn't noticed. I tried to get to the locker room as soon as I could without looking obivous or drawing any attention.

By the time I got through the door I was way beyond horny. I took off all my clothes and jerked it while I made my way to a wall about five feet high which seperated another section of the locker room. I sat behind it while I stroked my cock. The precum that's been dripping ever since Ed got to the gym made my hand slide up down my shaft real smoothly. I get real horny knowing I could get caught at anytime and I got real hard knowing I left my clothes where I dropped them. I never actually think I would get caught though.

Minutes later I was still jerking, completely naked behind a small wall, with my legs open and my back half on the wall and half on the cold floor. I heard the locker room door open and slam but I was too into it to care. I heard footsteps but I told myself they wouldn't notice even though it got me real horny thinking what would happen if they did. I kept stroking. I never felt my cock this hard before. The head of the penis was practically solid now and the ridge below it made me spasm everytime my palm ran past it. Suddenly, I heard Ed's voice call out looking for me and it brought me to the edge knowing he was in the same room I was jerking it in. I guess my strokes were pretty loud because as I looked up from my cock I saw him standing there in his gym shorts and his shirt off. It startled me and got me so horny I blew a load right that second. As my cock erupted on my face and my stomach in the strongest orgasm I ever had (even making my back spasm off the ground and giving my thigh a cramp) He just said 'What the f-!?' and laughed. I kept stroking even while cumming, so turned on by what just happened. After I stopped cumming I kept going. It was limp for the first few minutes but it didn't take long for me to get hard again as I just stared at his hot body wondering what was under those shorts. He just stared at me I guess weirded out or confused or something but it turned me on so much with him just watching me standing inches away.

I got so horny that as I jerked it with my right I pulled his shorts down with my left exposing his briefs. He looked kinda shocked and I didn't know what he would say but he pulled his briefs off himself and started jerking too. I was way surprised, and glad, and way turned on so I just kept jerking and so did he. He was working it so hard that by the time I got brave and grabbed his dick it only took seconds for him to blow a load.

Since I already came several minutes ago it took a little longer for me but when he squeezed my cock and wrapped his huge fingers around it and started stroking so hard. I was spasming so much I felt like I was having a seizure. I blew a huge load right on his thigh and hand they were dripping with cum.

He smiled and I was just like woah. I was so tired by then I just slouched and watched him put his underwear on and then his shorts. He looked down at me and we talked about stuff for a few minutes. I was saying stuff like how I never would have guessed he was gay and how I was glad he was and stuff and he said similar stuff.

We hang out more now but not the kind of hanging out that'll get people talking. We'd just treat each other like buds, and just say hey when we pass each other in the hall or something.



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