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Caught in the Boarding School Library

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I began masturbating around age-12 or so, and was quickly doing it every chance I got! At first it was weird for me, because I'd read some of my dad's magazines and knew about semen, but nothing would come out at first. I knew this was normal, but orgasms somehow seemed incomplete without an ejaculation. I could feel the muscles contracting, trying to pump it out, but nothing happened. What a great day when I finally saw the first few drops come dribbling out!

A year or two later I went away to a private all-boys boarding school for high school. The first three years were tough on me because I always had a roommate, and I always got stuck with guys who hung around the room all the time, so I never got much time to myself to masturbate. I took to heading out into the surrounding woods and fields to pleasure myself, but this could only happen maybe once every 2 or 3 days. The one good thing I discovered was that when I *did* have an orgasm, *lots* of semen came out, and for some reason that was extremely pleasurable. For a while I got really into shooting into a shot glass or other container, and seeing how much I could produce. Sometimes I would intentionally delay masturbating, even if I had the opportunity to 'sneak one in,' to try and 'store more up.' It seemed to work pretty well (I'm sure the fact that I was in the midst of puberty with totally overactive hormones didn't hurt things any) but eventually it got even more frustrating!!

In my senior year, I got a room all to myself, and I never left it, except to go to class or sports. I was beating off about 10 or 11 times a day, and even then I'd still wake up some mornings with sticky sheets after a vivid night of sex dreams. I think the lack of girls around made me focus that much more on sex, as I had no outlet other than my own fantasies (and the occasional magazine someone would sneak in). And I'm very sure that the habits I started back then are the same ones which keep me masturbating two or three times every day even now as an adult.

One of my greatest experiences included a librarian I knew in high school. Well, 'knew' isn't the right word. I knew her name, but I never really said much to her. She was divorced (that much was common knowledge around campus, as lots of the guys had a crush on her). She was fairly attractive, especially compared to most of the old crones they hired to work at the school.

Curfew for us was 10 PM- that was when we had to be back in our dorms. The library closed down at 9:55 pm, to ensure we could make it back to the dorm in time. The underclassmen were always in their rooms starting right after dinner, working on their homework. As seniors, we were able to stay up in our rooms (underclassmen had to turn their lights out at 10), so we'd always save our homework for late at night, and spend the earlier evening doing our own thing.

Well, my thing at that time happened to be flipping through the old copies of a popular magazine in the library, looking for the bra and girdle ads. The archived magazines were in a back corner of the library, and nobody ever went back there. My routine was to find ads I liked a lot, open the magazines up on the shelf, and masturbate while I looked at them. I had started out being extremely nervous while I did this, but after several nights, I realized nobody in their right mind was in the library, especially in that part-they were all watching TV or hanging around outside.

One Monday night, everyone on campus was in the dorms watching a big football game. I headed for the library at about 8:30 or so, knowing that I'd be able to spend a lot of time there looking at my ads with very little chance of getting caught since nobody was studying. I bypassed my favorites and went looking for new material in some of the other issues.

After a lengthy perusal, I found some really great ones. I arranged them on a shelf, pulled down my zipper, and began a slow stroking. I was planning on enjoying this one, so I took my time. I'd look at the ads and then close my eyes for a few seconds, imagining being at the photo shoot for the ads, seeing the women walking around in their underwear, sneaking into the dressing room and watching them put on and take off all those sexy garments...

After a while, I had the images of the ads burned into my brain, so I backed away from the shelf and leaned against the wall, legs spread, eyes closed. I was really excited, and the precome was really dripping off my hand onto the rug. The library was warm, and my balls were hanging very low out of my zipper. This was going to be a *huge* load, I could tell already.

As I felt my orgasm approaching, I opened my eyes to look down at my cock and watch all the sperm pump out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement, and jumped: the librarian was at the end of the stacks watching me!

I was totally scared, but I was so close to coming I couldn't stop. I think she understood my dilemma, because she smiled at me a little, and nodded her head to show that I wasn't in trouble. I was totally nervous-no woman had ever seen me naked, let alone masturbating, let alone about to shoot my load! I wanted to run away, but I was already starting to come, so I turned towards her a little and with a few final strokes I let fly the biggest load I think I have ever shot in my life! I thought it would never stop coming out! I think the longest string must have gone out about 6 or 7 feet from me, I came so hard.

When I was done, my legs were shaking, and I sort of fell back against the wall, trying to catch my breath and to make sense of what had just happened. As I fumbled with my zipper, the librarian started walking towards me. I freaked out, and started backing away. She paused in the aisle where my huge puddle of sperm was beginning to soak into the carpet, and looked down at it for a few seconds, kind of nodding her head a little. Then she looked back up at me, winked, and began putting the magazines back in their holders. I ran out of the library, so nervous and pumped up on adrenaline I thought I was going to get sick.

I couldn't go back in the library for almost a week after that, and even then, only if I knew she wasn't working. I never masturbated in the library again, although I often fantasized about what might have happened if she and I had kept doing the same thing.

Whew! I haven't thought about *that* in years! It feels good to go back and think about it now, but I can still remember the absolute horror and fright I felt when I first looked up and saw her staring at me... I guess it's a good thing she was so understanding-who knows how that could have scarred me for life if she'd made a big stink and got me in trouble or something!



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