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Caught in the Act

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Hi everybody my name is Liah, I have brown eyes and straight brown hair just past my shoulders, I have small A cup breasts but I like my breast size, I'm short 160cm tall, with an athletic body and my mum is Japanese, dad is Aussie. Ok so you sorta got what I look like. Oh and I'm 22.

So enough with the boring stuff I'll get on with the story. This is a true story about how I got caught 'pleasuring myself'.

Well for starters I'm not a virgin, I have had sex with a few different boys but well I guess you could say I love to make myself come, even if I have a bf I still like alone time and usually twice a day since I was like nine and never been caught until two weeks ago.

I was at my friend Kate's house. I got the Guest room as usual and woke up in the morning at like six ish and figured no one would be awake yet and I had a room to myself so I was safe enough. I wanted to make it a good cum so I spent sometime on my phone reading some stories and looked up a couple of pics. I took my bra and pants off but I still had my panties on and after almost an hour of teasing my nipples and massaging my breasts I couldn't take any more.

I rolled over onto my stomach bum in the air, hand in my panties and started humping my hand with two fingers in my freshly shaven pussy.(my favourite position) I was so wet too my panties were almost soaked through before I started and pretty soon I had juices flowing down my palm and onto my stomach. I started moaning and biting into the pillow.

I started quivering and had to slide onto my side as I came, I couldn't stop the quiet moans and gasps from coming out of my mouth as my pussy contracted around my fingers and legs clamped shut around my hand, oh my god I was in heaven.

When my Orgasm started subsiding I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked a couple fingers clean and sent them back to work, I knew I could get another cum out. I rolled back onto my stomach and start humping again I was moaning softly into the pillows again when I heard my door open.

My heart sank, I was caught, I could not believe it. As I was trying to pull my hand out of my panties and pull the blanket up to my waist to make myself look maybe innocent Kate giggles a little and says 'oh my god that must have been a good one hehe I was just coming out of the toilet and heard you, I thought you must have been done I was just gonna tell you that the walls are pretty thin hehe.' I figured there was no point in trying to cover it up she clearly didn't care. I was still embarrassed but well what could I do I was caught. I laughed back 'sorry Katie I couldn't hold it in and got a little carried away I guess haha.' I was still pretty horny so I stretched and slid my hand back under the blanket and into my panties and just slowly massaged my clit 'Oh no no don't be sorry it's no biggy it's just lucky I caught you not my mum or even worst my dad or bro hahaha actually to tell you the truth I'm a little inspired, so I'm gonna go back to my room besides it looks like you got some more work to do yourself aye hehe.' 'Mmmm yeah I got a bit left to go hehe' as she walked out and closed the door she gave a cute little smile and said 'well have fun sweety I know I am' and left.

I couldn't believe it, not only was I caught for the first time but I actually continued to masturbate. My friend was about to go and fuck herself over what she just heard and saw. I fucked myself to two more amazing orgasms before cleaning myself up and jumping into the shower.

If you guys and girls would like to read the rest of the story please send me some comments.

Xoxo Liah



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