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Caught in the Act

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A true story. I wonder if Amie ever visits this sight?


I recently discovered this site and immediately fell in love with it. Some of the stories are so hot that I need to beat my meat from time to time. Reflecting back to my earlier days has made me want to share an embarrassing experience that I once went through with my next door neighbour.

I was 16 at the time when I first met Amelia. Her shortened name was Amie, which she always preferred to be called. When she and her two year old daughter moved in some 14 years ago, I was always curious as to why there was never a man around the house. Later I discovered that he was killed in a car accident and she had been relocated next door to us through the housing commission department.

Mum and Amie used to talk a fair bit and became quite friendly and I saw her from time to time in the garden or going out in her car shopping, but never really had time for a good conversation. I was still at school at the time doing year 11 at high school. Mum asked me one night if I could go over to her place the next evening to mow her lawns as hers had broken down and really needed a new one. Mum also mentioned that I could earn some pocket money as well.

The following afternoon after I got home from school, I changed my clothes and went next door to talk to Amie about mowing her lawns. She showed me where her lawns were and what she wanted done. I might add that she is a real stunner and sometimes wears a wig. Her normal hair is brunette and reasonably short but stylish. Sometimes she looks a completely different person when she wears her blond shoulder length wig. When she wears that, she looks like a real movie star.

Mind you, at this age, I was a virgin, but used to masturbate to pictures from the Internet with women in bikinis or naked. While I was out the back of Amie's house mowing her lawns, I noticed her washing on the line. There were thongs, sexy see-through panties, bras and all sexy type of women's clothing. Each time I went past the clothes line, my cock would get harder and harder. After I finished the lawns, I also trimmed the edges and got $30 pocket money for my troubles.

Over the next 18 months, I washed her car, did some gardening for her and mowed her lawns. She was always very friendly but nothing sexual ever happened. At night in my bed, I would often picture myself making love to her and masturbate thinking about her panties and undergarments on the line.

By now I was 18 years old and still helping out. Amie came over and told me and mum that she was taking a holiday interstate for three weeks with her and her young daughter, to visit her parents. She asked me to take care of the lawns and garden while she was gone, as well as check on the house every day in case of any burglaries. Should anything be amiss, then mum was to phone her up and also to notify the police.

On the second day away, I got home from university which I was now doing and went over to mow her lawn. As she was away, there was naturally no underwear on the line. When I had finished, I took her key to unlock the back door and check to see inside if everything was alright. I checked the house out and everything was ok. In bed that night, I got back to thinking about her bras and panties and wanked off again.

The next evening I checked out her house, I was in her bedroom and I suddenly got the urge to look inside her drawers. They were filled with panties, thongs, hose, bras and slips. I couldn't help myself, so I got some out and laid them down on her bed. My heart was beating at about 150 beats a minute and my cock grew hard very quickly. I removed my pants and jocks and started to jerk myself. In a matter of seconds, I cummed all over Amie's panties. I quickly went and put her clothes away and went home.

The following couple of nights I did the same again and I thought I was in heaven. The next time I did a security check; I went to her room and also went through her wardrobe as well. I am quite slim and only 5'-7' tall, around the same build and height as Amie. After putting on her bra and panties, I opened her wardrobe and got out a frilly top and a short mini dress. Also inside the wardrobe, was her wig. I fully dressed up and put her wig on and looked at myself in the mirror. The image made me super horny and my cock was pressing out into her panties. Putting my hand up the dress and inside the elastic of the panties, I quickly jerked off and cummed into the gusset of her panties. This continued for the following two weeks until mum got a phone call that Amie would be home the next night.

That night, I did a quick wash of all the clothing I had soiled, so Amie would have no idea what went on while she was away. The next evening she arrived home with her daughter and came over to let us know she was home and to also get her house key back. She thanked mum and me for looking after her house and garden while she was away. That night I wanked off in bed into one of her panties that I kept for a souvenir. My secret was safe and I was still enjoying pleasures at her expense.

The next day was the weekend and I had two days to myself before going back to university. On the Saturday afternoon, she came over with a smile on her face asking mum it if was okay if I could go over there for dinner as a reward for looking after her house while she was away. I looked at mum and she said it was okay so I arrived there just before 6 pm. She talked a fair bit about her holiday and what she did, and asked me what I did while she was gone. As we were finishing up our scrumptious meal, Amie said she had been to the video shop and asked if I would like to watch a video with her. I told her that would be real cool and what was the video. She said it was a surprise. That really had me wondering as I had seen most of the new releases. I sat down in the lounge chair and she said she would be back in a few moments. When she came back, Amie was wearing her blond wig and had a disk in her hand.

'Are you ready Jake?' Amie asked me. I relied yes and the movie was about to start. Looking at Amie on the couch with her blond wig on really made me horny again, but I couldn't do anything at the time. There was no introduction to the movie, no title or cast; just a woman in front of a mirror appearing to be rubbing her pussy. There was a panning of the camera and there was a view of underclothing spread all over a bed beside the window. It was then I suddenly realized it was not a woman, it was me dressed up in Amie's clothing and win, beating myself crazy.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life and was as red as a beetroot. Words could not come out of my mouth. I was in shock. Amie then asked 'Is this what you did while I was away on holidays?'

'Does female underwear really turn you on?'

'Do I turn you on?'

'Do you find me attractive?'

She then said that she was not upset for invading her privacy, but was intrigued at the lengths that I went to get off. I was then told how she had security cameras in the bedrooms, lounge and kitchen, in case of any burglars. The only thing was that she had either forgot to turn them off before going away, or forgetting to tell me that the house was always monitored.

It was then she changed the subject and asked if I had a girlfriend or was still a virgin. What happened after that cannot be printed here as it had nothing to do with masturbation. All I can say she liked seeing me dressed in her clothing with her wig on.

Twelve months after that, Amie got a housing commission placement interstate near her parents and moved away. I have never seen or heard from her again. The memories will never disappear.



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