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Caught in My Chair

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One of my favorite places in the house was, and still is a big, old leather recliner in our living room. It is the kind that is overstuffed, and you practically sink into it. Most times when I am home alone, I strip naked and jump in that chair and let it cradle me, either masturbating or just watching TV feeling cozy.

One night though when I was about 15, I couldn't sleep so I thought I would go downstairs and masturbate. I took off my jammies, grabbed my vibrator my sister bought for me, turned on a dirty movie and settled in. I got comfy, slid in my vibe, kicked my little feet up and laid back letting it buzz away.

I was tired so I wasn't putting a lot of effort into it, so I was just laying there with my hands behind my head and my vibe half in-half out making my clit tingle and my folds leak wetness. My eyes were closed for a while, but all of a sudden I got the feeling I wasn't alone. I opened them and saw my mother leaning over me with a blanket. I gasped and froze, and she jumped back and apologized, saying she thought I was asleep. I didn't have anything to say the way I was, so all I could do was stare with my mouth hanging open. She apologized again and laid the blanket at my feet and went back upstairs.

I figured since she wasn't mad at me, she didn't really mind me masturbating, so I didn't stop. I watched the movie and focused on my upcoming orgasm. I started rocking back and forth in the chair and I could feel it building in my legs. I peeled my butt off the chair and squeezed the leather with my fingers and toes as my orgasm ripped through my whole body. I collapsed back into the chair, but I was so horny, I came a second time a couple of minutes later. I switched off the vibe and sat there covered in sweat catching my breath, not wanting to move. I then turned off the TV and grabbed the blanket she brought me and curled up and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I could hear them down in the kitchen, but when I went to get up I realized I was still naked. I wrapped up in the blanket and when I got up, my vibe slid out of me onto the floor. I panicked because I forgot it was there, but no one was around me so I wiped it on the blanket and hid it in the chair. I started to head upstairs to get dressed but my mom called me into the kitchen because breakfast had been ready. I figured she knew how I was, so I went in and ate wrapped up in my blanket. I'm not sure if anyone else knew I was naked or not besides my mom.

Later on that day, she came into my room to talk to me. She said that she wasn't mad and actually encouraged me to masturbate, but I needed to be more careful when other people are home. I understood and told her I would, she hugged me and left me alone. Since then I sometimes still use the chair when they are home, but I don't go down naked unless I am alone.



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