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Caught in Motel

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Well it's me again and if you have read any of my stories you know I am really into exposing myself in public as often as possible. I love cruising in my car butt naked and jacking myself off. The more women that I can get to see me the more exciting it gets.
Another great adventure in exhibitionism that I had was one time when I was on the road on vacation. I stopped at a small motel in a small town to rest for the night. It was three stories and probably had only a hundred rooms. It was the slow season so I took a room on the second floor. A nice looking young woman, in her early thirties was working at the desk. She told me the office closed at 2am and would be open again at 6am. It was about 830pm when I checked in. I was kind of tired so I watched a little TV and fell asleep about an hour later. I woke up about 1am with a raging hardon and a desire to go out of my room naked. I put on some cock rings and some lube and started stroking myself. I eased my door open and checked the hall. It was all clear so I stepped out into the hall and eased the door back so it was just slightly ajar. I started down the hall by all the rooms jacking myself off as I was going. When I reached the stairs I headed up to the third floor. I walked the entire third floor at a nice leisurely pace and still stroking my cock. I started down the stairs at the other end of the hall. I decided to sit down on the steps and just enjoy some slow jacking off for a few minutes. After enjoying myself some but not cuming I headed back down to my room.
When I got there panic set in all over again. Somehow my door had closed itself and there I was butt naked and locked out of my room. I was hoping the fear would make my cock go down but it betrayed me again by staying rock hard and giving away what I was doing. The only thing I could do was go down to the front desk and get a spare key and try to make up some bullshit excuse. The front desk was about chest high and I could approach it from and angle from the stairs so the young woman working there would not see me until I got right to the edge of the desk. I got her attention and ask her if could get a spare key to my room. I told her I had locked myself out of the room when I went for a soda. She said she would be happy to come up and unlock it for me. I told her I would rather just have a spare key. She said O.K. and handed it to me. She could not see me below the counter so I thought I was O.K. I turned and headed for the stairs and I saw her reflection in the glass door and she was leaning over the desk top and had a full view of my ass as I walked away. I just hoped she would be cool about it and headed back to my room naked as a jay bird.
When I got to my room my cock was so hard I knew I was going to really enjoy finishing myself off. I was jacking very slowly and noticed it was a few minutes after 2am. I thought good. The office is closed and the night manager hadn't said anything about what had happened. It was feeling so good when I heard a firm knock at the door. It was the night manager and she said she needed to talk to me. I thought 'Oh! Shit. I'm busted now.' I went to the door and opened it slightly and stood behind it and asked how I could help her. I forgot the way the dresser was set in the room, she could see my nude reflection. I saw her eyes go to the mirror and then back to mine. She said 'You know I saw you in the lobby naked. We have hidden cameras all over the hotel and I was watching you go up and down the hallways masturbating. Can I come in so we can talk.?' I opened the door. What choice did I have. As she walked in she looked down at my cock which was still very hard and told me I had nice equipment. She said she had always had a fantasy, but knew she could never get a man to agree unless he had no choice and she said as she saw it I had no choice. She said she had always wanted to put a dildo up a man's ass and fuck his butt while he jacked off. She said if I didn't agree she would turn the tapes over to the law. I told her I didn't have much choice and she agreed. I had had a couple of girlfriends that liked to put a finger or two up my butt and that felt pretty good but the dildo she pulled out of her bag was huge. It looked about 8 inches long and the head was about 2 inches across. I told her I didn't think I could take that up my ass and she told me I'd better or else. She told me to lay on my back on the bed and pull my legs up. I could tell she was clearly getting off on dominating me. I laid back and did as I was told. She moved the chair so she was right there at my ass. I asked her to go easy and she said 'fuck no. I am going to give you a good ass fucking and you are damn well going to take it'. She lubed it up and I felt her start pushing the head of it against my asshole. She told me to start jacking myself off. Then I felt the big head of that thing go in my ass and she followed with most of the rest of it. I glanced down and she had her skirt up, legs spread and was giving her pussy a real workout while she was pumping my ass with that dildo. I couldn't take anymore and started cuming all over myself and the bed. She said 'you dirty old pervert, blow that cum.' She shoved that dildo all the way up my ass went totally stiff and I knew she was cuming. After a few minutes of silence she got up, pull the dildo out of my ass and said 'please check out first thing in the morning. I'll erase the tapes and this is our secret'. I've never been back there but remember my butt was sore for a week. I still jackoff today to this memory.



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