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Caught, in 7th Grade

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I was 13-years-old, in the seventh grade, and caught with 'it' out, in history class, by a seventh grade girl. Talk about being humiliated!

I was kind of an exhibitionist at that age. I wore 'tighty-whities', and dress pants to school, and would often pull my penis and scrotum out through the fly in my underwear, so that you could see my 'package' outlined in the thin cloth of my pants. I did other exhibitionistic stuff too, like, I sometimes went into the woods near my house, stripped naked, hid my clothes, and wandered the paths in the nude. In gym class, I would pull my jock to the side, letting my penis and scrotum swing free in my gym shorts. When the girls passed by, I would sit with my knees up, and legs spread, hoping that one of them would 'see me'.

Anyway, I got my wish on this particular day, in my seventh grade history class. I had my 'package' pulled through my underwear fly, and I had my hands in my pockets, playing with myself. The massage felt good, and I got more and more aroused, and I decided that I needed to go further. I lowered my pants zipper, and pushed my penis out into the fresh air. I took my hands out of my pockets, and teased and touched my penis head. I was always looking around me, to make sure that no one was watching me, and every time I glanced at the girl to my right, her attention seemed to be absorbed by something outside the classroom window to our left. I saw no one else watching either, so, I continued to pinch, tease, and tickle the head of my penis for the rest of the class. I wasn't flat out masturbating, I was just playing with myself.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the girl was watching me the whole time and as soon as the bell rang, she got the word out to the other girls in the class. I was met at the door by a group of girls calling me a 'pig', and 'sick' but and I had no idea what they were talking about. I even asked one of my friends if I had a booger stuck on my face or something. I just couldn't figure out why the girls were freaking out on me. Eventually, one of my friends told me about the rumor that was spreading like wildfire through the school.

I denied the story of course, but things took a turn for the worse when a Guidance Counselor called my Dad into school to tell him about the allegations. Boy, did I get the shit beat out of me! That was back in the days when parents could abuse you without worrying about going to jail. So, I was an outcast for the rest of the year, but, fortunately, my family moved away from that school district shortly thereafter. My exhibitionism continues to this day, but, I never took my penis out of my pants in school ever again.



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