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Caught Him

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I had a sleep-over a few years ago for my 17th birthday. I had five of my girlfriends over and we were hanging around watching music videos and had some other video movies to watch. My parents went out for the night so it was just us girls.
It got to be around midnight and my older brother came home. Kyle was two years older and very cute. All of my girlfriends had a crush on him. We invited him to join us and the seven of us sat around telling jokes and watching TV. My parents called and said that they were going to spend the night at their friend's house and not to have a big party. It got to be around 2am and my brother decided to turn in. After he left, my friend Stacy said that my brother had a huge boner when he left. Two of the other girls had noticed as well. They asked me if I had ever seen Kyle jerk off. I said no. They said that he was probably going to bed to jerk off that boner that he had and wanted to know if they could find a way to watch. It sounded like a great plan to all of us.
We crept down the hallway, but the door was locked. I took the girls outside around to the back of the house to get a peek through Kyle's bedroom window. He had left the window open and the shades pulled since it was a warm night. We moved very quietly toward the window and took a peek in. Kyle was going through his dresser drawer and he pulled out a magazine. We could see that it was a Penthouse. He put on his walkman headphones, lay on this bed in just his boxers and started to look at the pictures.
We could see that he already had a hardon. He was reading and then his right hand moved down to the front of his boxers and he began to rub his dick. We were trying to be quiet, but I don't think that he would've heard any of us anyway over the music. He rubbed his dick for about five minutes and then started to pull the waistband down. The head of his dick popped out and he rubbed just the top of it. It was glistening from the pre-cum I guess. Finally, he pulled his shorts down the rest of the way and we saw it all.
I did not know that my brother was so well hung. He must have been 10-11 inches. He picked up a tube on something and squirted some into his hand and then rubbed it on his dick, and then he began to stroke. Kyle was really getting into his stroking. He was taking long, slow strokes and continued to look at the pictures in the Penthouse. Stacy wanted to get a closer look and crawl through the window, but the rest of us didn't want the show to possibly end if we got caught.
By now, we could see that Kyle was very excited. He started to move his ass up and down in time with his stroking, and picking up the stroking speed in the process. He was getting nearer to cumming. He dropped the magazine and was going at a furious pace. And then he exploded. Kelly let out a little scream as Kyle shot his jism all over his stomach and chest.
He just lay there for a few minutes and smiled as cum still oozed from his dick. Finally, he took off his headphones and wiped up his mess with a nearby towel, put on his boxers, and went to sleep. We waited a couple of minutes before going back into the house so that he wouldn't hear us. We woke up the next morning before he did and when he came out Stacy asked him how he had slept. He said, 'Very well, thank you,' and we all giggled. He asked what was so funny and Stacy told him about what we saw last night and he turned bright red. He was very nervous all of a sudden and asked that we not tell anyone.
'No problem 'Big' bro. Just cook us some breakfast and we won't say a word,' I told him.
He made the breakfast and we kept our word, although we always talk about it together.



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